Belmont Metals, Inc. Datasheets for Zinc and Zinc Alloys

Zinc and zinc alloys are non-ferrous alloys that are used widely in the production of die cast components.
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Product Name Notes
Special High Grade Zinc -- 8000AZ Jewelry Alloys Featuring Art Caster’s Brass, Beryllium Copper, Brittania, Electrolytic Copper, Everdur, Jeweler’s Manganese Bronze, Nickel-Silver, Pewters, Superdie Zinc Alloys, and White Bronze Brass, Bronze, and White Metal alloys have...
High Grade Zinc -- 8024A Powdered Metals Featuring Holtite Alsil Grit, Iron Powder, High Grade Zinc, Tin, and Copper-Aluminum Applications Belmont Metals offers a vast amount of non-ferrous metals in Powder form as a pure...
95/5 Zinc Aluminum Solder Alloy -- 8951B
ACS Tin Granular -- 7008M30
Zamak 2 / Superdie I Alloy -- 8934A
White Metals Featuring Aluminum, Lead, Pewter, Solders, Jewelry, Sculpture, Tin, Zinc Alloys in a variety of forms for many applications White metals are any of several light-colored alloys used as...
95/5 Zinc Aluminum Solder -- 8951
955 Slush Alloy -- 8952
99/1 Zinc Aluminum Solder -- 8995
Commercial Grade 15% Zinc Brite Alloy -- 8853
Mil Spec Zinc -- 8001
Zamak 12 / Ilzro 12 -- 8871
Zamak 2 [SUPERDIE 1 ] -- 8934
Zamak 3 -- 8961
Zamak 5 -- 89511
Zamak 7 -- 8962
Zinc Alloys Featuring pure Zn shot for precious metal alloying and other uses; Zn plating anodes; Superdie and other Zn alloys for rubber-mold and permanent mold casting, ultrasonic solders. Special...
Zinc Sheet -- 800.027
Zinc Sheet -- 800.027S
Zinc Sheet -- 800.030S
Zinc Sheet -- 800.060
Zinc Sheet Zinc sheets were originally designed for industrial applications such as water resistance, roof flashing, chemical resistance, cathode protection, engraving, sound deadening and scientific applications. Over the years Zinc...