Gesswein Co., Inc. Datasheets for Plating Chemicals and Anodizing Chemicals

Plating chemical and anodizing chemicals include metal salts, formula additives, and other consumables for the electrodeposition, electroless plating, electroplating and anodized layer formation.
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Product Name Notes
Gesswein Rhodium Pen-Plating Solution -- 210-1003 Our Bright White rhodium plating solution is super-concentrated for use with your pen plater. Do not dilute. 1/3 gram.
Gesswein Rhodium Plating Solutions -- 210-0961
Gesswein Rhodium Plating Solutions -- 210-0961
Gesswein Rhodium Plating Solutions -- 210-0966
Gesswein Rhodium Plating Solutions -- 210-0966
Produces a beautiful bright white finish while offering the distinct advantage of plating at room temperature. Gesswein Rhodium is supplied in concentrated form so there is no hazardous shipping fee.
Gesswein Rhodium Assortments -- 210-1005
Gesswein Rhodium Assortments -- 210-1015
Rhodium Assortments
Gesswein Premixed Rhodium -- 210-1018 Same sulfate type as our concentrated rhodium and premixed with 1 pint of distilled water, ready to use. Full 1 gram of rhodium in each sealed pint bottle. Can only...
Gesswein Rhodium Replenisher -- 210-1010
Gesswein Rhodium Replenisher -- 210-1017
Use to replenish rhodium bath as it becomes depleted. (Do not use rhodium solution to replenish. This will upset the bath’s chemical balance.) Replenisher can also be used undiluted for...