Gesswein Co., Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Lubricants

Industrial lubricants are oils, fluids, greases and other compounds designed to reduce friction, binding or wear and exclude moisture. Specialized characteristics may enhance thermal conduction across thermal interfaces or reduce electrical resistivity across electrical joints.
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Product Name Notes
Gesswein® Stoning and Lubricating Oil -- 800 - 0100
Gesswein® Stoning and Lubricating Oil -- 800 - 0110
Gesswein® Stoning and Lubricating Oil -- 800 - 0112
This special lubricant was developed for the mold and die finisher. It is economical and practically odorless, and it evaporates slowly. Recommended for fast cutting and for finishing operations. Helps...
Gesswein Lube-Stik -- 816-2460 Use on any grinding, cutting, drilling, piercing or similar tool to speed up production and increase tool life. Lube-Stik reduces friction and heat buildup so that tools stay sharper, work...