Gesswein Co., Inc. Datasheets for Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments

Cleaning agents and surface treatments includes liquid cleaners, degreasers, strippers, passivators, etchants, solutions and additives for cleaning and surface preparation.
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Product Name Notes
Gesswein Dazzle Foaming Jewelry Cleaner -- 851-5309 The most effective home jewelry cleaner you can use. Dazzle™ creates a rich foam that bubbles away dirt and grime. Brightens gold, silver, and platinum. Diamonds and gems positively dazzle!
Gesswein Rub-and-Rinse Stone Cleaner -- 813-1700 A semiliquid material that releases tiny metal particles from hard stones to keep them at their peak efficiency. It is recommended for use on hard stones such as our Ruby,...
Gesswein Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution -- 851-5300
Gesswein Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution -- 851-5303
Gesswein Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution -- 851-5305
Gesswein Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution -- 851-5308
Gesswein Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution -- 851-5310
Cleans without using harsh chemicals that can damage your ultrasonic tank. Contains no phosphates, which thicken with use and shorten solution life. Also contains no ammonia. Meets OSHA standards. Features:...
Gesswein Electrocleaner Powder -- 210-3300 Remove finger marks, grease or similar surface contaminants from the surface to be plated; no metal is removed. Promotes optimum adherence of the electroplate. Especially useful in place of electrostripping...
Gesswein Brite Solution -- 851-5311
Gesswein Brite Solution -- 851-5312
Gesswein Brite Solution -- 851-5313
Specially formulated for cleaning diamonds, precious metals, copper and brass. Works effectively when used in an ultrasonic cleaner, for hand brushing, or for immersion or soak cleaning. Contains no chelating...