Pump Solutions Group Datasheets for Plastic Pumps

Plastic pumps are designed to move fluids that would corrode or damage other types of pumps. They provide broad chemical resistance and are less costly and lighter in weight than metal pumps.
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Product Name Notes
ALMATEC® Pumps -- Series-E As common, the housing parts are tightened to each other via housing bolts. However, instead of single bolts pressing punctually against the housing, all housing bolts are now tightened against...
ALMATEC® Pumps -- Series-F Pumps for the printing and paper industry have to meet definite requirements. The pneumatic diaphragm pumps of the ALMATEC F-Series have been developed especially for applications with glues, flexo-print inks,...
ALMATEC® Pumps -- Series-Futur Since 1984 ALMATEC manufactures special pumps for the chemicals supply and circulation in the semiconductor industry. The latest generation is the FUTUR, a pump series particularly developed for the special...
WILDEN Accu-Flo Advanced Plastic Pump -- A100P
WILDEN Accu-Flo Metal Pump -- A.025
WILDEN Pro-Flo Advanced Plastic Pump -- P100
WILDEN Pro-Flo Advanced Plastic Pump -- P200
WILDEN Pro-Flo Advanced Plastic Pump -- P400
WILDEN Pro-Flo Advanced Plastic Pump -- P800
WILDEN Pro-Flo Plastic Pump -- P.025
WILDEN Pro-Flo Plastic Pump -- P1500
WILDEN Pro-Flo Plastic Pump -- P8
WILDEN Pro-Flo X Advanced Plastic Pump -- PX400
WILDEN Pro-Flo X Advanced Plastic Pump -- PX800
WILDEN Pro-Flo X Plastic Pump -- PX8
The Pro-Flo X™ is the latest innovation to the AODD pump world. The development of Wilden's Pro-Flo X™ air distribution system (ADS) is derived from the Pro-Flo® family and offers...
WILDEN Accu-Flo Plastic Pump -- A.25/A.25P
WILDEN Accu-Flo Plastic Pump -- A1/A1P
WILDEN Pro-Flo Advanced Plastic Pump -- P25
WILDEN Pro-Flo Plastic Pump -- P2R
WILDEN Pro-Flo Plastic Pump -- P4
The Pro-Flo™ patented air distribution system incorporates three moving parts: The unbalanced air valve spool, the pilot spool, and the main shaft/diaphragm assembly. The air valve spool location directs pressurized...