ACCRAbond, Inc. Datasheets for Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are thin films deposited upon materials to add or enhance desired properties, such as color, conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc.
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Product Name Notes
Solvent-Based Varnish -- INSTAbond® V375-R INSTAbond® V375-R Solvent-Based Varnish Specification Mil-V-13750 Description Type 2, Grade A Available in several viscosities
Conap™ Conformal Coating -- CONAP® CE-1170 CONAP® CE-1170 is a single-component air drying room temperature curing acrylic conformal coating that meets the requirements of MIL-I-46058-C for Type AR coatings.
Conap™ Conformal Coating -- CONAP® CE-1171 CONAP® CE-1171 is a single-component acrylic conformal coating that has been formulated in Rule 66 exempt solvents and meets the latest requirements of MIL-I-46058-C for Type AR
Conap™ Conformal Coating -- CONATHANE® CE-1155 CONATHANE® CE-1155 is a two-component, solvent-based polyurethane printed circuit board coating designed for use in adverse environments. CE-1155 provides outstanding resistance to moisture and good abrasion resistance.
Conap™ Conformal Coating -- CONATHANE® CE-1155-35 CONATHANE® CE-1155-35 is a two-component, high-performance, solvent-based polyurethane coating system for protecting circuit assemblies in adverse environments
Conap™ Conformal Coating -- CONATHANE® CE-1164 CONATHANE® CE-1164 is a single-component, air drying, room temperature curing, polyurethane conformal coating which meets the requirements of MIL-I-46058-C for Type UR coatings and appears on the Qualified Products List...
Conap™ Conformal Coating -- CONATHANE® CE-1175 CONATHANE® CE-1175 is a single-component water based polyurethane conformal coating that meets the requirements of MIL-I-46058-C Type UR.
Polysulfide -- E-340 Flamemaster (Dynatherm) E-340 is a room temperature curing, high temperature resistant ablative coating for use in areas subject to exposure to extreme heat and high erosion such as experienced in...
INSTAbond® Anaerobic Primer/Accelerator -- Primer N Green anaerobic sealant primer. Certified to Mil-S-22473 Grade T Form R. Meets ASTM D5363 Primer T requirements. Replaces Loctite Locquic T7471. Federal National Stock Numbers: 8030-01-388-5604, 8030-00-082-2508, 8030-01-388-5605, 8030-00-900-2373,8030-00-181-8372, 8030-00-083-3442...
INSTAbond® Anaerobic Primer/Accelerator -- Primer F Green anaerobic sealant primer. Certified to Mil-S-46163 Grade F Form R. Federal National Stock Numbers: 8030-01-152-2285
INSTAbond® Anaerobic Primer/Accelerator -- Primer T Yellow/straw anaerobic primer. Certified to Mil-S-22473 Grade N Form R. Meets ASTMD5363 Primer N requirements. Replaces Loctite Locquic T7649. Federal NationaL Stock Numbers: 8030-01-387-8788, 8030-00-980-3975, 8030-00-935-5816, 8030-00-082-2508