PMC Engineering LLC Datasheets for Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors

Noncontact infrared temperature sensors absorb ambient infrared (IR) radiation given off by a heated surface. They are used in applications where direct temperature measurement is not possible.
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Product Name Notes
The KIR3 Series of miniature infra-red temperature sensors offers noncontact measurement of tires, carbon & steel brake rotors, clutch and engine temperatures. The KIR3 can be setup ready to use...
The KIR16X4 infra - red tire temperature sensor provides race engineers with a matrix of 16 x 4 independent temperature points across a tire, totaling 64 individual sensing points. It’s...
The KIR4 Series of miniature infrared temperature sensors offer a compact, robust and reliable solution for non - contact measurements in motor - sports and on - vehicle automotive applications.