Altech Corp. Datasheets for Marking and Engraving Equipment

Marking and engraving equipment marks or engraves products and packages with bar codes, lot codes, date stamps, graphics, labels, and other information. Marks are applied during the manufacturing process, eliminating the need to generate labels or papers for subsequent application.
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Product Name Notes
Features: Size: 17”x18”x4.9” Tag Sizes:MT2-MT6,MT8-MT 10,MT12,MT15,MT20, and MT25 CMPS Software With Cable 2 Fixtures For Tags MT5-MT15
The engraving unit was specifically designed to be used with the VP500 and CMPS 500 plotters. Changing back and forth between the pen-plotter and the engraver is easy. The engraver...
TThe VS200 base unit is a stand-alone plotting system with an integral keyboard and display screen. The marker fixture, plotter pen, and the memory cassette have to be inserted in...