Altech Corp. Datasheets for AC Power Connectors

AC power connectors transfer alternating current through a variety of electronic devices. AC power connectors include simple AC inlets, outlets, and power entry modules.
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Product Name Notes
Features: 8 Frame Sizes 1/2HP up to 600HP @ 480V AC Direct Mounting Overload Relays Degree of protection:IP20 Flame Resistance:According to UL948
Features: CSA and VDE Approved Polyamide 6.6 Insulation 1 Screw Clamp Connection
Altech's line of industrial plugs and sockets are manufactured by ABL Sursum, a company well known in Europe for its quality electrical products. This major manufacturer combines the elements of...
The Power Input Connector is optional. It can accommodate wires from 8 to 2AWG and is used for circuits up to 90A. 90A can be distributed over a 63A APD...