elobau U.S., Inc. Datasheets for Tilt Sensors

Tilt sensors measure tilt angle with reference to the earth’s ground plane.
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Product Name Notes
Tilt Sensor -- N5 The tilt sensor with CAN-Bus interface can be used, thanks to its robust design, for measuring the slope of lifting platforms or for monitoring the fork tilt on telescopic ladders.
Tilt Sensor - Single Axis -- N3.A
Tilt Sensor - Single Axis -- N3.D
Tilt Sensor - Single Axis -- N3.K
Tilt Sensor - Two Axis -- N4.A
Tilt Sensor - Two Axis -- N4.D
Tilt Sensor - Two Axis -- N4.K
Whether at the platform of a lifting ramp or the fork tree of a stacker, even with difficult installation conditions the new, mercury-free tilt switches N3/N4 of elobau gives an...