RYCO Hydraulics, Inc. Datasheets for Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings cover many components that connect pipe ends for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations.
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Product Name Notes
Part Number: S146H-1623
Part Numbers: FC61D-08 FC61D-12 FC61D-16 FC61D-20 FC61D-24 FC61D-32
Part Numbers: FC62D-08 FC62D-12 FC62D-16 FC62D-20 FC62D-24 FC62D-32
Part Numbers: FC62D-12 FC62D-16 FC62D-20 FC62D-24
Part Numbers: FK61M-08 FK61M-12 FK61M-16 FK61M-20 FK61M-24 FK61M-32
Part Numbers: FK62M-08 FK62M-12 FK62M-16 FK62M-20 FK62M-24 FK62M-32
Part Numbers: ROD-SF08 ROD-SF10 ROD-SF12 ROD-SF16 ROD-SF20 ROD-SF24 ROD-SF32 ROD-SF40
Part Numbers: S1-0812 S1-1212 S1-1214 S1-1217 S1-1617 S1-1621 S1-2021 S1-2026 S1-2421 S1-2426 S1-2430 S1-3220
Part Numbers: S140-08 S140-12 S140-16 S140-20 S140-24 S140-32 S140-40 S140-48 S140-64
Part Numbers: S140K-08 S140K-12 S140K-16 S140K-20 S140K-24 S140K-32 S140K-40
Part Numbers: S140M-08 S140M-12 S140M-16 S140M-20 S140M-24 S140M-32 S140M-40
Part Numbers: S142-08 S142-12 S142-16 S142-20 S142-24 S142-32
Part Numbers: S142K-08 S142K-12 S142K-16 S142K-20 S142K-24 S142K-32
Part Numbers: S142M-08 S142M-12 S142M-16 S142M-20 S142M-24 S142M-32
Part Numbers: S143H-1623 S143H-2432
Part Numbers: S147H-1623
Part Numbers: S1H-1217 S1H-1617 S1H-1621 S1H-2021 S1H-2421 S1H-2426
Part Numbers: S2-0812 S2-0814 S2-1212 S2-1214 S2-1217 S2-1617 S2-1621 S2-2017 S2-2021 S2-2026 S2-2421 S2-2426 S2-2430 S2-3226 S2-3240
Part Numbers: S2H-1214 S2H-1217 S2H-1221 S2H-1617 S2H-1621 S2H-2017 S2H-2026 S2H-2421 S2H-2426 S2H-3240
Part Numbers: S2L-1621
Part Numbers: S3-0812 S3-1214 S3-1217 S3-1617 S3-1621 S3-2021 S3-2026 S3-2426 S3-2430
Part Numbers: S3H-1217 S3H-1621
Part Numbers: S40-08 S40-12 S40-16 S40-20 S40-24 S40-32 S40-40 S40-48 S40-64
Part Numbers: S40K-08 S40K-12 S40K-16 S40K-20 S40K-24 S40K-32 S40K-40
Part Numbers: S40M-08 S40M-12 S40M-16 S40M-20 S40M-24 S40M-32 S40M-40
Part Numbers: S42-08 S42-12 S42-16 S42-20 S42-24 S42-32
Part Numbers: S42K-08 S42K-12 S42K-16 S42K-20 S42K-24 S42K-32
Part Numbers: S42M-08 S42M-12 S42M-16 S42M-20 S42M-24 S42M-32
Part Numbers: S940-0808 S940-1212 S940-1616 S940-2020 S940-2424 S940-3232
Part Numbers: S940F-0808 S940F-1212 S940F-1616 S940F-2020 S940F-2424 S940F-3232
Part Numbers: S940FM-0808 S940FM-1212 S940FM-1616 S940FM-2020 S940FM-2424 S940FM-3232
Part Numbers: S941-1212 S941-1616 S941-2020 S941-2424 S941-3232
Part Numbers: S941F-1212 S941F-1616 S941F-2020 S941F-2424 S941F-3232
Part Numbers: S941FM-1212 S941FM-1616 S941FM-2020 S941FM-2424 S941FM-3232
Part Numbers: S951-0808 S951-1212 S951-1616 S951-2020 S951-2424 S951-3232
Part Numbers: S951F-0808 S951F-1212 S951F-1616 S951F-2020 S951F-2424 S951F-3232
Part Numbers: S951FM-0808 S951FM-1212 S951FM-1616 S951FM-2020 S951FM-2424 S951FM-3232
Part Numbers: S952-1212 S952-1616 S952-2020 S952-2424 S952-3232
Part Numbers: S952F-1212 S952F-1616 S952F-2020 S952F-2424 S952F-3232
Part Numbers: S952FM-1212 S952FM-1616 S952FM-2020 S952FM-2424 S952FM-3232
Part Numbers: S953-0808 S953-1212 S953-1616 S953-2020 S953-2424
Part Numbers: S954-0808 S954-1212 S954-1616 S954-2020 S954-2424
Part Numbers: S957-0812 S957-1217 S957-1621 S957-2026 S957-2430
Part Numbers: S958-0812 S958-1217 S958-1621 S958-2026 S958-2430
Part Numbers: S967-08 S967-12 S967-16 S967-20 S967-24 S967-32
Part Numbers: S968-08 S968-12 S968-16 S968-20 S968-24 S968-32
Part Numbers: S970-0808 S970-1212 S970-1616 S970-2020 S970-2424 S970-3232
Part Numbers: S970F-0808 S970F-1212 S970F-1616 S970F-2020 S970F-2424 S970F-3232
Part Numbers: S970FM-0808 S970FM-1212 S970FM-1616 S970FM-2020 S970FM-2424 S970FM-3232
Part Numbers: S971-1212 S971-1616 S971-2020 S971-2424 S971-3232
Part Numbers: S971F-1212 S971F-1616 S971F-2020 S971F-2424 S971F-3232
Part Numbers: S971FM-1212 S971FM-1616 S971FM-2020 S971FM-2424 S971FM-3232
Part Numbers: S976-0808 S976-1212 S976-1616 S976-2020 S976-2424 S976-3232
Part Numbers: S976F-0808 S976F-1212 S976F-1616 S976F-2020 S976F-2424 S976F-3232
Part Numbers: S977-0808 S977-1212 S977-1616 S977-2020 S977-2424 S977-3232
Part Numbers: S977F-0808 S977F-1212 S977F-1616 S977F-2020 S977F-2424 S977F-3232
High pressure modification of the Code 61 flange Sealing Method: O Ring on flange face Retained by bolts Thread form: UNC or Metric Connection Standard: ISO 6162, SAE J518 Coupling...
SAE Flange Clamps, Kits, Plugs & Tube Weld, Flange/JIC, Flange/ORFS, Flange Blocks
Standpipe terminations are effectively hydraulic tubing and are offered in both metric or inch sizes. The standpipe (tube) end of the coupling is then usually connected to the system via...