RYCO Hydraulics, Inc. Datasheets for Tube Fittings

Tube fittings connect runs of tubing for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations to other tubing sections, pipe, hose, and other fluid transfer components.
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Product Name Notes
Part Number: S146H-1623
Part Numbers: 14-12 14-16 14-20 14-24 14-32
Part Numbers: 15-12 15-16 15-20 15-24
Part Numbers: 16-12 16-16 16-20 16-24 16-32
Part Numbers: 17-12 17-16 17-20 17-24 17-32
Part Numbers: 21-04 21-06 21-08 21-10 21-12 21-16 21-20 21-24
Part Numbers: 24-04 24-06 24-08 24-10 24-12 3 24-16 24-20 24-24 24-32
Part Numbers: 24A-10 24A-12 24A-20 24A-24 24A-32
Part Numbers: 24B-12 24B-20 24B-24
Part Numbers: 24HL-12 24HL-16 24HL-20 24HL-24 24HL-32
Part Numbers: 25-04 25-06 25-08 25-10 25-12 25-16 25-20 25-24 25-32
Part Numbers: 25HL-12 25HL-16 25HL-20 25HL-24 25HL-32
Part Numbers: 91-24 91-32
Part Numbers: S106-0904 S106-1106 S106-1308 S106-1610 S106-1912 S106-2316 S106-2720
Part Numbers: S112-1212 S112-1616 S112-2020 S112-2424 S112-3232
Part Numbers: S115-0904 S115-1106 S115-1308 S115-1610 S115-1912 S115-2316 S115-2720
Part Numbers: S137-0709 S137-0911 S137-1213 S137-1416 S137-1419 S137-1719 S137-2123
Part Numbers: S138-0709 S138-0911 S138-1213 S138-1416 S138-1719 S138-2123
Part Numbers: S143H-1623 S143H-2432
Part Numbers: S152-120808 S152-121212 S152-141010 S152-171616 S152-212020
Part Numbers: S2-0812 S2-0814 S2-1212 S2-1214 S2-1217 S2-1617 S2-1621 S2-2017 S2-2021 S2-2026 S2-2421 S2-2426 S2-2430 S2-3226 S2-3240
Part Numbers: S2H-1214 S2H-1217 S2H-1221 S2H-1617 S2H-1621 S2H-2017 S2H-2026 S2H-2421 S2H-2426 S2H-3240
Part Numbers: S3-0812 S3-1214 S3-1217 S3-1617 S3-1621 S3-2021 S3-2026 S3-2426 S3-2430
Part Numbers: S3H-1217 S3H-1621
Part Numbers: S4-0707 S4-0909 S4-1212 S4-1414 S4-1717 S4-2121 S4-2626 S4-3030 S4-4040
Part Numbers: S5-0909 S5-1212 S5-1414 S5-1717 S5-2121 S5-2626
Part Numbers: S51-0704 S51-0706 S51-0906 S51-0908 S51-1208 S51-1210 S51-1212 S51-1410 S51-1412 S51-1710 S51-1712 S51-1714 S51-1716 S51-1914 S51-2116 S51-2118 S51-2120 S51-2620 S51-2622 S51-2624 S51-3024 S51-4032
Part Numbers: S52-0704 S52-0906 S52-1206 S52-1208 S52-1410 S52-1412 S52-1712 S52-1914 S52-2116 S52-2620
Part Numbers: S53-0406 S53-0606 S53-0608 S53-0808 S53-0810 S53-0812 S53-1212 S53-1214 S53-1216 S53-1616 S53-1620 S53-2020 S53-2424 S53-2431
Part Numbers: S53N-0608 S53N-1212
Part Numbers: S53P-0808 S53P-0810
Part Numbers: S54-0406 S54-0608 S54-0610 S54-0808 S54-0810 S54-0812 S54-1212 S54-1214 S54-1616
Part Numbers: S57-0704 S57-0706 S57-0906 S57-1208 S57-1210 S57-1410 S57-1412 S57-1712 S57-1716 S57-2116 S57-2120 S57-2620 S57-2624 S57-3024 S57-4032
Part Numbers: S58-0406 S58-0606 S58-0808 S58-1212 S58-1616 S58-2020 S58-2424 S58-3232
Part Numbers: S940-0808 S940-1212 S940-1616 S940-2020 S940-2424 S940-3232
Part Numbers: S940F-0808 S940F-1212 S940F-1616 S940F-2020 S940F-2424 S940F-3232
Part Numbers: S940FM-0808 S940FM-1212 S940FM-1616 S940FM-2020 S940FM-2424 S940FM-3232
Part Numbers: S941-1212 S941-1616 S941-2020 S941-2424 S941-3232
Part Numbers: S941F-1212 S941F-1616 S941F-2020 S941F-2424 S941F-3232
Part Numbers: S941FM-1212 S941FM-1616 S941FM-2020 S941FM-2424 S941FM-3232
Part Numbers: SA51-1006
RYCO Hose Couplings Series with Tube Bite End Style 850 (T2850, T4850 and 6850 Series) provide a quick and convenient method of connecting Imperial Outside Diameter seamless steel hydraulic tubing,...