RYCO Hydraulics, Inc. Datasheets for Pipe Flanges

Flanges are used to connect pipes, tubes, hoses, and similar structures.
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Product Name Notes
Part Number: S146H-1623
Part Numbers: FC61D-08 FC61D-12 FC61D-16 FC61D-20 FC61D-24 FC61D-32
Part Numbers: FC62D-08 FC62D-12 FC62D-16 FC62D-20 FC62D-24 FC62D-32
Part Numbers: FC62D-12 FC62D-16 FC62D-20 FC62D-24
Part Numbers: FK61M-08 FK61M-12 FK61M-16 FK61M-20 FK61M-24 FK61M-32
Part Numbers: FK62M-08 FK62M-12 FK62M-16 FK62M-20 FK62M-24 FK62M-32
Part Numbers: ROD-SF08 ROD-SF10 ROD-SF12 ROD-SF16 ROD-SF20 ROD-SF24 ROD-SF32 ROD-SF40
Part Numbers: S1-0812 S1-1212 S1-1214 S1-1217 S1-1617 S1-1621 S1-2021 S1-2026 S1-2421 S1-2426 S1-2430 S1-3220
Part Numbers: S140-08 S140-12 S140-16 S140-20 S140-24 S140-32 S140-40 S140-48 S140-64
Part Numbers: S140K-08 S140K-12 S140K-16 S140K-20 S140K-24 S140K-32 S140K-40
Part Numbers: S140M-08 S140M-12 S140M-16 S140M-20 S140M-24 S140M-32 S140M-40
Part Numbers: S142-08 S142-12 S142-16 S142-20 S142-24 S142-32
Part Numbers: S142K-08 S142K-12 S142K-16 S142K-20 S142K-24 S142K-32
Part Numbers: S142M-08 S142M-12 S142M-16 S142M-20 S142M-24 S142M-32
Part Numbers: S143H-1623 S143H-2432
Part Numbers: S147H-1623
Part Numbers: S1H-1217 S1H-1617 S1H-1621 S1H-2021 S1H-2421 S1H-2426
Part Numbers: S2-0812 S2-0814 S2-1212 S2-1214 S2-1217 S2-1617 S2-1621 S2-2017 S2-2021 S2-2026 S2-2421 S2-2426 S2-2430 S2-3226 S2-3240
Part Numbers: S2H-1214 S2H-1217 S2H-1221 S2H-1617 S2H-1621 S2H-2017 S2H-2026 S2H-2421 S2H-2426 S2H-3240
Part Numbers: S2L-1621
Part Numbers: S3-0812 S3-1214 S3-1217 S3-1617 S3-1621 S3-2021 S3-2026 S3-2426 S3-2430
Part Numbers: S3H-1217 S3H-1621
Part Numbers: S40-08 S40-12 S40-16 S40-20 S40-24 S40-32 S40-40 S40-48 S40-64
Part Numbers: S40K-08 S40K-12 S40K-16 S40K-20 S40K-24 S40K-32 S40K-40
Part Numbers: S40M-08 S40M-12 S40M-16 S40M-20 S40M-24 S40M-32 S40M-40
Part Numbers: S42-08 S42-12 S42-16 S42-20 S42-24 S42-32
Part Numbers: S42K-08 S42K-12 S42K-16 S42K-20 S42K-24 S42K-32
Part Numbers: S42M-08 S42M-12 S42M-16 S42M-20 S42M-24 S42M-32
Part Numbers: S940-0808 S940-1212 S940-1616 S940-2020 S940-2424 S940-3232
Part Numbers: S940F-0808 S940F-1212 S940F-1616 S940F-2020 S940F-2424 S940F-3232
Part Numbers: S940FM-0808 S940FM-1212 S940FM-1616 S940FM-2020 S940FM-2424 S940FM-3232
Part Numbers: S941-1212 S941-1616 S941-2020 S941-2424 S941-3232
Part Numbers: S941F-1212 S941F-1616 S941F-2020 S941F-2424 S941F-3232
Part Numbers: S941FM-1212 S941FM-1616 S941FM-2020 S941FM-2424 S941FM-3232
Part Numbers: S951-0808 S951-1212 S951-1616 S951-2020 S951-2424 S951-3232
Part Numbers: S951F-0808 S951F-1212 S951F-1616 S951F-2020 S951F-2424 S951F-3232
Part Numbers: S951FM-0808 S951FM-1212 S951FM-1616 S951FM-2020 S951FM-2424 S951FM-3232
Part Numbers: S952-1212 S952-1616 S952-2020 S952-2424 S952-3232
Part Numbers: S952F-1212 S952F-1616 S952F-2020 S952F-2424 S952F-3232
Part Numbers: S952FM-1212 S952FM-1616 S952FM-2020 S952FM-2424 S952FM-3232
Part Numbers: S953-0808 S953-1212 S953-1616 S953-2020 S953-2424
Part Numbers: S954-0808 S954-1212 S954-1616 S954-2020 S954-2424
Part Numbers: S957-0812 S957-1217 S957-1621 S957-2026 S957-2430
Part Numbers: S958-0812 S958-1217 S958-1621 S958-2026 S958-2430
Part Numbers: S967-08 S967-12 S967-16 S967-20 S967-24 S967-32
Part Numbers: S968-08 S968-12 S968-16 S968-20 S968-24 S968-32
Part Numbers: S970-0808 S970-1212 S970-1616 S970-2020 S970-2424 S970-3232
Part Numbers: S970F-0808 S970F-1212 S970F-1616 S970F-2020 S970F-2424 S970F-3232
Part Numbers: S970FM-0808 S970FM-1212 S970FM-1616 S970FM-2020 S970FM-2424 S970FM-3232
Part Numbers: S971-1212 S971-1616 S971-2020 S971-2424 S971-3232
Part Numbers: S971F-1212 S971F-1616 S971F-2020 S971F-2424 S971F-3232
Part Numbers: S971FM-1212 S971FM-1616 S971FM-2020 S971FM-2424 S971FM-3232
Part Numbers: S976-0808 S976-1212 S976-1616 S976-2020 S976-2424 S976-3232
Part Numbers: S976F-0808 S976F-1212 S976F-1616 S976F-2020 S976F-2424 S976F-3232
Part Numbers: S977-0808 S977-1212 S977-1616 S977-2020 S977-2424 S977-3232
Part Numbers: S977F-0808 S977F-1212 S977F-1616 S977F-2020 S977F-2424 S977F-3232
High pressure modification of the Code 61 flange Sealing Method: O Ring on flange face Retained by bolts Thread form: UNC or Metric Connection Standard: ISO 6162, SAE J518 Coupling...
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