FIPA, Inc. Datasheets for Tube Fittings

Tube fittings connect runs of tubing for in-line, offset, multi-port, and mounting configurations to other tubing sections, pipe, hose, and other fluid transfer components.
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Product Name Notes
3-way Male Elbow Connector
90° Elbow Connector - Equal
90° Elbow Female Connector
90° Elbow Male Connector
90° Extended Elbow Male Connector
90° Male Elbows for High Speed Rotation
90° Male Elbows with Ball Bearing
90° Male Elbows with Cut-off Valve
Cartridge Male Stud Connector, Round, Hex Key
Elbow Y Male Connector
Equal Tube Tee Connector
Equal Y Connector
Female Stud Connector
Male Banjo Connector
Male Branch Tee Connector
Male Stud Connector with Ball Bearing
Male Y Connector
Push-in Connector QC
Push-in Stud Connector for High Speed Rotation
Straight Male Stud Connector
Straight Male Stud Connector with Cut-off Valve
Straight Tube Connector - Equal
Straight Tube Reducers
Three Stack, Twin Banjos
Two Stack Banjos
Two Stack, Twin Banjos
Unequal Tube Tee Connector
Unequal Y Connector
FIPA standard screw connections and plug-in connectors are suited for vacuum and pressure ranging from -1 to 10 bar. Connecting elements for vacuum and pressure are available in straight or...
Angle Plug
Sockets with Plug-in Connection
Locking of compressed air or vacuum during disassembly, release after reconnection
Sockets with Threaded Connection Locking of compressed air or vacuum during disassembly, release after reconnection Coupling: Socket (lock) and plug (open)
90° Male Elbow Connector
90° Male Elbow Connector - Equal
Equal Tube Tee Connector, Self-extinguishing
Male Branch Tee Connector, Self-extinguishing
Self-extinguishing Equal Tube Connector
Self-extinguishing Male Stud Connector
Self-extinguishing screw connections and plug-in connectors are required for media such as vacuum and compressed air for welding systems, welding robots and other systems that produce flying sparks or weld...
Mini 45° Male Elbow Connector
Mini Extended Male Elbow Connector
Mini Female Stud Connector
Mini Male Branch Equal Tee Connector
Mini Male Elbow Connector
Mini Male Stud Connector
Mini Male Stud Connector, Round, Hex Key
Mini Tube Fittings, Cartridge
Mini Unequal Tube Tee Connector
The mini-models of the FIPA screw connections and plug-in connectors for compressed air and vacuum in the range from -1 to 10 bar are 40 per cent smaller than the...
Plug Connectors M8/3-pin Weather- and oil-resistant FIPA PUR connection cables for linking vacuum switches, sensors or ejectors with M8 or M12 jacks or plugs with different pole numbers.
Adapter Plug Adapter plug M8/3-pin, socket on M8/4-pin plug Adapter plug M8/4-pin, socket on M8/3-pin plug