PTB Sales, Inc. Datasheets for Thin Film Equipment

Thin film equipment uses vacuum processing for the modification of surfaces using CVD, PVD, plasma etching, and thermal oxidation or ion implantation.
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Product Name Notes
Brooks Robot Arms
Brooks Robot Remotes
Kensington Robots
$16,000. The YES CV100P plasma stripper is a system made by Yield Engineering Systems.
Ask for current price. The Brooks FabExpress (FX3000) is a atmospheric bridge system designed to simultaneously handle 200mm and 300mm wafers. The FX3000 is optimized with the Brooks Reliance robotics...
Ask for current price. The Brooks Gemini Express 5000 (GX5000) is a vacuum cluster tool integration platform for 200mm to 300mm wafers, with the capability for two load locks and...
Ask for current price. Used Plasma-Therm System VII, model #: SLR-772.
Ask for current prices. Visit Genmark Automation for more information on these Axcelis tool wafer handling robots.
Additional Kensington Controllers
As well as the PE-IIA we have available both the Technics PE-500-II and the Mercator LF-5 plasma system (these two are equivalent).
Ask for current price. The SLR 200 series robot allows for manual loading and unloading of 8-inch standard SMIF pods containing a wafer or reticle cassette.
Call for more information on the Varian 3120 sputter system.
FIXLOAD Features: Most accurate and fastest wafer access (6 sec.) BOLTS interface HyBridge OC200 (FIXLOAD 25) Fully SEMI compliant + CE certified Follows I300I guidelines Choice of electronic solution (Basic...
Kensington FI Tracks
Kensington Robot & Controller Packages
Model #: RC/ELC1 Serial #: G68561-1-1-8, DDMQF-SR2232IR
Model #: XU-RC400M-A00 Serial #: S4M619-11-01
PTB Sales toll free: 866-332-0500
Smart Machines Brooks-PRI Controller Model #: SVR-C2 Part #: 900-001753
The Airco Temescal FDC-8000 Film Deposition Controller provides automatic control of single or multi-layer film deposition in either a production or development environment.
The Brooks Automation MagnaTran 7 wafer transfer robot is designed for production environments requiring minimum vibration, particle contamination and high throughput.
Type: XU-ACT152L-C10 Serial #: S65U33-2-04
Used Perkin Elmer 2400: allows sequential deposition from DC magnetron and simultaneous sputtering from two targets.
We have two Smartbots in stock. Serial #'s: 131, 132 Build Codes: 98090101, 98092201 Top Level #: 1-0116