PTB Sales, Inc. Datasheets for Vacuum Chambers and Components

Vacuum chambers and components are specialized vessels that can maintain a high vacuum process environment for manufacturing thin films, microelectronics, optics and materials. 
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Product Name Notes
Ask for current price. Temescal FC-4800 source chamber.
Ask for current price. The 6100 Model is an economical analytical probe station for wafers or packaged devices. Fast X-Y stage movement controls allows 5" wafers (6" optional) to be...
Ask for current price; this one is on consignment. Balzers BAK 1350 C vacuum chamber is made of stainless steel with inside dimensions of approximately a 52 inch cube.
Applied Materials Precision 5000 (P5000) Cryo pumps Dry pumps Power supplies Turbo pumps VAT valves Wafer robots Water chillers Call us for the system components you need.
Call for more information on the Varian Vacuum System 980-1111.
Contact us for details and pricing on the Veeco 776.
General components 6 inch ASA stainless steel pumping stack. Electro-pneumatic actuated vacuum valves. 19.5" dia. 30" high SS water-cooled bell jar. CHA Industries Electro-mechanical bell jar hoist .
The HC70 compressor is built around a high-performance scroll compressor. This significantly extends durability while reducing vibration, noise, maintenance and operating cost. A water-cooled heat exchanger provides the cooling capacity...
The Temescal FC-1800 source chamber accommodates the sources, feeders, shutter system, and planetary.
This 27' thermal vacuum chamber is in storage in southern California. CTI 1020R compressors Pumping speed with six cryopumps is 300,000 liters per second Four GNB vacuum isolation gate valves...
This CHA SEC-1000-RAP may be equipped with planetary or static fixturing in its 32" dia. x 38" high BJ-3238 stainless steel vacuum bell jar. SEC systems utilize a stainless steel...