Liberty Pumps Datasheets for Check Valves

Check valves are self-activating safety valves that permit gases and liquids to flow in only one direction, preventing process flow from reversing. They are classified as one-way directional valves. 
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Product Name Notes
Economy PVC Check Valves -- Cv150
Economy PVC Check Valves -- Cv200
Economy PVC Check Valves -- Cv2n1
ABS valve body Rubber slip connection with hose clamps Vertical and horizontal installation Models Available - CV2N1 combination 1-1/4" or 1-1/2", CV200 2"
Ball / Check Valve Combo -- Bcv150
Ball / Check Valve Combo -- Bcv200
Ball/check combo provides compact design Heavy-duty PVC 125 PSI rated Vertical or horizontal installation BCV150 1-1/2" or BCV200 2"
Anti-siphon Check Valve -- Acv125 Heavy cast iron construction Integrated heavy weight nitrile ball chack valve
Cast Iron High Temp Check Valves -- Hcv150
Cast Iron High Temp Check Valves -- Hcv200
Heavy Duty Cast Iron Body High-temperature rubber flapper - 200 degrees F 125 PSI rated Vertical or horizontal installation Female NPT connections HCV150 1-1/2" or HCV200 2"
Quiet Check Valves -- Qcv150
Quiet Check Valves -- Qcv200
Heavy Duty PVC Spring-loaded valve reduces "water hammer" effect 125 PSI rated Vertical or horizontal installation Maximum fluid temp. 160 degrees F QCV150 1-1/2" or QCV200 2"
Compression PVC Check Valves -- Cv200c
Compression PVC Check Valves -- Cv2n1c
Compression PVC Check Valves -- Cv300c
PVC Vertical and horizontal installation 125 PSI rated Models available - CV125C 1-1/4", CV150C 1-1/2", CV200C 2", CV300C 3"