Mill-Max Mfg. Corp. Datasheets for Board Mount Connectors

Board Mounted Connectors or Circuit Board Connectors are connectors that can be used as components embedded on a computer board.
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Product Name Notes
SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Type C Receptacle Mill-Max has added the SuperSpeed Universal Serial Bus 3.1, Type C to its line of USB IO Sockets. This mid-mount receptacle is 2X faster than USB 3.0 with more efficient...
USB Socket -- 897-XX-010-00-300002
USB Socket -- 897-XX-010-40-300002
Socket Micro-B USB 3.0, 10 pins
USB Socket -- 896-XX-005-00-100001 Socket Mini-A USB 2.0, 5 pins
USB Socket -- 897-XX-005-00-100001 Socket Mini-B USB 2.0, 5 pins
USB Socket -- 896-XX-004-00-000000
USB Socket -- 896-XX-004-90-000000
Socket Type A USB 2.0, 4 pins
USB Socket -- 896-XX-008-90-000000 Socket Type A USB 2.0, 8 pins
USB Socket -- 896-XX-009-90-300000 Socket Type A USB 3.0, 9 pins
USB Socket -- 897-XX-004-90-000000 Socket Type B USB 2.0, 4 pins
USB Socket -- 897-XX-009-90-300000 Socket Type B USB 3.0, 9 pins