Elesa U.S.A. Corporation Datasheets for Knobs (industrial)

Industrial knobs are small, usually round, devices that are designed for use on industrial machinery, electronic components, and metal cabinetry. They are usually made out of metal, plastic, or rubber and are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes.
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Product Name Notes
VB.639 FP Series -- VB.639/100 FP-1/2-13
VB.639 FP Series -- VB.639/130 FP-5/8-11
VB.639 FP Series -- VB.639/63 FP-5/16-18
VB.639 FP Series -- VB.639/80 FP-3/8-16
VB.639 Series -- VB.639/100 A-1/2
VB.639 Series -- VB.639/100 A-3/8
VB.639 Series -- VB.639/100 B-1/2-13
VB.639 Series -- VB.639/100 B-3/8-16
VB.639 Series -- VB.639/130 A-1/2
VB.639 Series -- VB.639/130 B-1/2-13
VB.639 Series -- VB.639/130 B-5/8-11
VB.639 Series -- VB.639/63 A-5/16
VB.639 Series -- VB.639/63 B-5/16-18
VB.639 Series -- VB.639/80 A-3/8
VB.639 Series -- VB.639/80 B-3/8-16
Designed for heavy duty work, resistant to solvents & chemicals
IZP+GS Series -- IZP.25 N-6+GS-10/20
IZP+GS Series -- IZP.30 N-8+GS-10/20
IZP+GS Series -- IZP.35 N-10+GS-10/20
IZP+GS Series -- IZP.40 N-12+GS-10/20
Resistant to chemicals, aluminum plate, high precision graduation
IZN.380 Series -- IZN.380/36 A-5/16
IZN.380 Series -- IZN.380/40 A-3/8
IZN.380 Series -- IZN.380/45 A-3/8
IZN.380 Series -- IZN.380/50 A-1/2
IZN.380 Series -- IZN.380/56 A-1/2
IZN.380 Series -- IZN.380/63 A-1/2
Resistant to chemicals, aluminum plate, multiple assembly options
IZP Series -- IZP.25 N-6
IZP Series -- IZP.30 N-8
IZP Series -- IZP.35 N-10
IZP Series -- IZP.35 N-12
IZP+K Series -- IZP.25 N-10+K
IZP+K Series -- IZP.25 N-12+K
IZP+K Series -- IZP.25 N-6+K
IZP+K Series -- IZP.25 N-8+K
Resistant to chemicals, aluminum plate, performs micrometer adjustments
MBT - Soft Series -- MBT.45 B-5/16-18-SOFT
MBT - Soft Series -- MBT.45 B-M8-SOFT
MBT - Soft Series -- MBT.55 B-3/8-16-SOFT
MBT - Soft Series -- MBT.55 B-M10-SOFT
Resistant to chemicals, soft and efficient grip, brass insert
MBT.p - Soft Series -- MBT.45 p-5/16-18x1 SOFT
MBT.p - Soft Series -- MBT.45 p-M8x16-SOFT
MBT.p - Soft Series -- MBT.45 p-M8x30-SOFT
MBT.p - Soft Series -- MBT.55 p-3/8-16x1.1/4 SOFT
MBT.p - Soft Series -- MBT.55 p-M10x20-SOFT
MBT.p - Soft Series -- MBT.55 p-M10x20-SOFT
Resistant to chemicals, soft and efficient grip, steel threaded stud
BT Series -- BT.32 B-M8
BT.p Series -- BT.16 p-8-32x1/2
BT.p Series -- BT.16 p-8-32x3/8
BT.p Series -- BT.16 p-M4x10
BT.p Series -- BT.16 p-M5x10
BT.p Series -- BT.20 p-10-32x1/2
BT.p Series -- BT.20 p-10-32x3/4
BT.p Series -- BT.20 p-8-32x1/2
BT.p Series -- BT.20 p-8-32x3/4
BT.p Series -- BT.20 p-M5x16
BT.p Series -- BT.20 p-M6x16
BT.p Series -- BT.25 p-1/4-20x1
BT.p Series -- BT.25 p-1/4-20x1/2
BT.p Series -- BT.25 p-1/4-20x3/4
BT.p Series -- BT.25 p-M6x16
BT.p Series -- BT.25 p-M8x16
BT.p Series -- BT.32 p-5/16-18x1
BT.p Series -- BT.32 p-5/16-18x3/4
BT.p Series -- BT.32 p-M10x20
BT.p Series -- BT.32 p-M8x16
BT.p Series -- BT.40 p-3/8-16x1
BT.p Series -- BT.50 p-3/8-16x1
Resistant to solvents, grease and other chemicals
B.259 Clean Series -- B.259/20 S-M6 CLEAN
B.259 Clean Series -- B.259/25 S-M8 CLEAN
B.259 Clean Series -- B.259/30 S-M10 CLEAN
BT.S-p-INOX -- BT.20 S-p-M5x10-INOX
BT.S-p-INOX -- BT.20 S-p-M5x16-INOX
BT.S-p-INOX -- BT.25 S-p-M6x16-INOX
BT.S-p-INOX -- BT.25 S-p-M6x20-INOX
BT.S-p-INOX -- BT.25 S-p-M6x30-INOX
BT.S-p-INOX -- BT.32 S-p-M8x16-INOX
BT.S-p-INOX -- BT.32 S-p-M8x20-INOX
BT.S-p-INOX -- BT.32 S-p-M8x30-INOX
Resistant to solvents, grease and other chemicals, AISI 303 steel insert
BT Series -- BT.16 B-10-32
BT Series -- BT.16 B-8-32
BT Series -- BT.16 B-M4
BT Series -- BT.20 B-10-32
BT Series -- BT.20 B-8-32
BT Series -- BT.20 B-M5
BT Series -- BT.25 B-1/4-20
BT Series -- BT.25 B-10-32
BT Series -- BT.25 B-M6
BT Series -- BT.32 B-1/4-20
BT Series -- BT.32 B-5/16-18
BT Series -- BT.40 B-3/8-16
BT Series -- BT.50 B-3/8-16
CT.476 FP Series -- CT.476/30 FP-M6
CT.476 FP Series -- CT.476/40 FP-M8
CT.476 Series -- CT.476/25 B-10-32
CT.476 Series -- CT.476/25 B-M5
CT.476 Series -- CT.476/30 B-1/4-20
CT.476 Series -- CT.476/30 B-M6
CT.476 Series -- CT.476/40 B-5/16-18
CT.476 Series -- CT.476/40 B-M8
Resistant to solvents, grease and other chemicals, brass insert
MBT Series -- MBT.30 B-1/4-20
MBT Series -- MBT.30 B-M6
MBT Series -- MBT.40 B-1/4
MBT Series -- MBT.40 B-1/4-20
MBT Series -- MBT.40 B-5/16-18
MBT Series -- MBT.40 B-M8
MBT Series -- MBT.50 B-3/8
MBT Series -- MBT.50 B-3/8-16
MBT Series -- MBT.50 B-5/16-18
MBT Series -- MBT.50 B-M8
MBT Series -- MBT.60 B-1/2-13
MBT Series -- MBT.60 B-3/8
MBT Series -- MBT.60 B-3/8-16
MBT Series -- MBT.60 B-M10
MBTp Series -- MBT.30 p-1/4-20x1/2
MBTp Series -- MBT.30 p-1/4-20x3/4
MBTp Series -- MBT.30 p-M6x10
MBTp Series -- MBT.40 p-1/4-20x1
MBTp Series -- MBT.40 p-1/4-20x3/4
MBTp Series -- MBT.40 p-5/16-18x1
MBTp Series -- MBT.40 p-5/16-18x3/4
MBTp Series -- MBT.40 p-M6x20
MBTp Series -- MBT.40 p-M8x30
MBTp Series -- MBT.50 p-3/8-16x1
MBTp Series -- MBT.50 p-3/8-16x1.1/4
MBTp Series -- MBT.50 p-M8x16
MBTp Series -- MBT.50 p-M8x30
MBTp Series -- MBT.60 p-3/8-16x1
MBTp Series -- MBT.60 p-3/8-16x1.1/4
MBTp Series -- MBT.60 p-M10x20
Resistant to solvents, grease and other chemicals, diamond cut knurled knob
B.259 Series -- B259/20 B-M5
B.259 Series -- B259/20 B-M6
B.259 Series -- B259/25 B-M6
B.259 Series -- B259/25 B-M8
B.259 Series -- B259/30 B-M10
B.259 Series -- B259/30 B-M6
B.259 Series -- B259/30 B-M8
Resistant to solvents, grease and other chemicals, insert with tapped hole
B.259p Series -- B.259/20 p-M6x16
B.259p Series -- B.259/25 p-M8x20
B.259p Series -- B.259/30 p-M8x25
Resistant to solvents, grease and other chemicals, zinc-plated stud
BT.FP Series -- BT.16 FP-M5
BT.FP Series -- BT.20 FP-1/4-20
BT.FP Series -- BT.20 FP-M6
BT.FP Series -- BT.25 FP-M8
BT.FP Series -- BT.32 FP-M10
Resistant to solvents, grease, and other chemicals, brass insert
CT.476p Series -- CT.476/25 p-10-32x1/2
CT.476p Series -- CT.476/25 p-10-32x3/4
CT.476p Series -- CT.476/25 p-M5x16
CT.476p Series -- CT.476/30 p-1/4-20x1
CT.476p Series -- CT.476/30 p-1/4-20x1/2
CT.476p Series -- CT.476/30 p-1/4-20x3/4
CT.476p Series -- CT.476/30 p-M6x16
CT.476p Series -- CT.476/30 p-M8x16
CT.476p Series -- CT.476/40 p-5/16-18x1
CT.476p Series -- CT.476/40 p-5/16-18x3/4
CT.476p Series -- CT.476/40 p-M10x30
CT.476p Series -- CT.476/40 p-M8x25
Resistant to solvents, grease, and other chemicals, chamfered flat end
EGK Series -- EGK.50 A-10-C1
EGK Series -- EGK.50 A-10-C2
EGK Series -- EGK.50 A-10-C3
EGK Series -- EGK.50 A-10-C4
EGK Series -- EGK.50 A-10-C5
EGK Series -- EGK.50 A-10-C6
EGK Series -- EGK.63 A-12-C1
EGK Series -- EGK.63 A-12-C2
EGK Series -- EGK.63 A-12-C3
EGK Series -- EGK.63 A-12-C4
EGK Series -- EGK.63 A-12-C5
EGK Series -- EGK.63 A-12-C6
EKK.p Series -- EKK.21 p-10-32x3/4-C1
EKK.p Series -- EKK.25 p-1/4-20x3/4-C1
EKK.p Series -- EKK.31 p-5/16-18x3/4-C1
ELK.FP Series -- ELK.56 FP-A-10-C1
ELK.FP Series -- ELK.56 FP-A-10-C2
ELK.FP Series -- ELK.56 FP-A-10-C3
ELK.FP Series -- ELK.56 FP-A-10-C4
ELK.FP Series -- ELK.56 FP-A-10-C5
ELK.FP Series -- ELK.56 FP-A-10-C6
ELK.FP Series -- ELK.70 FP-A-12-C1
ELK.FP Series -- ELK.70 FP-A-12-C2
ELK.FP Series -- ELK.70 FP-A-12-C3
ELK.FP Series -- ELK.70 FP-A-12-C4
ELK.FP Series -- ELK.70 FP-A-12-C5
ELK.FP Series -- ELK.70 FP-A-12-C6
Resistant to solvents, oils, grease and other chemical agents
EKK Series -- EKK.16 B-8-32-C1
EKK Series -- EKK.18 B-8-32-C1
EKK Series -- EKK.21 B-10-32-C1
EKK Series -- EKK.25 B-1/4-20-C1
EKK Series -- EKK.31 B-5/16-18-C1
ELK Series -- ELK.45 B-1/4-20-C1
ELK Series -- ELK.45 B-1/4-20-C2
ELK Series -- ELK.45 B-1/4-20-C3
ELK Series -- ELK.45 B-1/4-20-C4
ELK Series -- ELK.45 B-1/4-20-C5
ELK Series -- ELK.45 B-1/4-20-C6
ELK Series -- ELK.45 B-1/4-C1
ELK Series -- ELK.45 B-1/4-C2
ELK Series -- ELK.45 B-1/4-C3
ELK Series -- ELK.45 B-1/4-C4
ELK Series -- ELK.45 B-1/4-C5
ELK Series -- ELK.45 B-1/4-C6
ELK Series -- ELK.56 B-5/16-18-C1
ELK Series -- ELK.56 B-5/16-18-C2
ELK Series -- ELK.56 B-5/16-18-C3
ELK Series -- ELK.56 B-5/16-18-C4
ELK Series -- ELK.56 B-5/16-18-C5
ELK Series -- ELK.56 B-5/16-18-C6
ELK Series -- ELK.56 B-5/16-C1
ELK Series -- ELK.56 B-5/16-C2
ELK Series -- ELK.56 B-5/16-C3
ELK Series -- ELK.56 B-5/16-C4
ELK Series -- ELK.56 B-5/16-C5
ELK Series -- ELK.56 B-5/16-C6
ELK Series -- ELK.70 B-3/8-16-C1
ELK Series -- ELK.70 B-3/8-16-C2
ELK Series -- ELK.70 B-3/8-16-C3
ELK Series -- ELK.70 B-3/8-16-C4
ELK Series -- ELK.70 B-3/8-16-C5
ELK Series -- ELK.70 B-3/8-16-C6
ELK Series -- ELK.70 B-3/8-C1
ELK Series -- ELK.70 B-3/8-C2
ELK Series -- ELK.70 B-3/8-C3
ELK Series -- ELK.70 B-3/8-C4
ELK Series -- ELK.70 B-3/8-C5
ELK Series -- ELK.70 B-3/8-C6
Resistant to solvents, oils, grease and other chemical agents, brass insert
IZN Series -- IZN.60-GXX1-A-10
IZN Series -- IZN.80-GXX2-A-12
MBT Series -- MBT.60-GXX1 A-8
MBT Series -- MBT.60-PXX1 A-8
MBT Series -- MBT.80-GXX2 A-10
MBT Series -- MBT.80-PXX2 A-10
Resistant to solvents, oils, grease and other chemical agents, steel insert
VC.192 S-INOX Series -- VC.192/30 S-1/4-20-INOX
VC.192 S-INOX Series -- VC.192/30 S-1/4-20-INOX
VC.192 S-INOX Series -- VC.192/30 S-M6-INOX
VC.192 S-INOX Series -- VC.192/40 S-5/16-18-INOX
VC.192 S-INOX Series -- VC.192/40 S-M8-INOX
VC.192 S-INOX Series -- VC.192/50 S-3/8-16-INOX
VC.192 S-INOX Series -- VC.192/50 S-M10-INOX
VC.192 S-p-INOX Series -- VC.192/30 S-p-1/4-20x1-INOX
VC.192 S-p-INOX Series -- VC.192/30 S-p-1/4-20x1/2-INOX
VC.192 S-p-INOX Series -- VC.192/30 S-p-1/4-20x3/4-INOX
VC.192 S-p-INOX Series -- VC.192/30 S-p-M6x16-INOX
VC.192 S-p-INOX Series -- VC.192/40 S-p-5/16-18x1-INOX
VC.192 S-p-INOX Series -- VC.192/40 S-p-5/16-18x1.1/4-INOX
VC.192 S-p-INOX Series -- VC.192/40 S-p-5/16-18x3/4-INOX
VC.192 S-p-INOX Series -- VC.192/40 S-p-M8x20-INOX
VC.192 S-p-INOX Series -- VC.192/40 S-p-M8x30-INOX
VC.192 S-p-INOX Series -- VC.192/50 S-p-3/8-16x1-INOX
VC.192 S-p-INOX Series -- VC.192/50 S-p-3/8-16x1.1/2-INOX
VC.192 S-p-INOX Series -- VC.192/50 S-p-3/8-16x1.1/4-INOX
Strong clamping action, resistant to solvents, oils, greases and chemicals

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