Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Datasheets for Electromagnets

Electromagnets use electric current to generate a magnetic field which can be turned on or off as needed. They are made from a softer iron which quickly dissipates the induced magnetism after the current is switched off.
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Product Name Notes
Parallel Pole Electromagnet
Rectangular Electromagnet
Round Electromagnet
Our Electromagnets offer On/Off capability and can be controlled in an automated sheet metal handling system. Through the application of controlled DC electrical current, electromagnets have the ability to hold...
Round Electromagnetic Lifts Round Electro Lifting Magnets(RELM) provide concentrated holding power and a deep reaching magnetic field to lift thick, ferrous items. These electromagnetic lifts are an extremely valuable material handling tool. The...
Permanent-Electro Lift Magnets -- FXE The FXE line of lift magnets allow the operator to pick-up ferrous metal sheets/parts and safely release them with the push of a button. They're ideal for lifting applications that...