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Why Should I Use A Lift Magnet Certification Service?

Lift Magnets cannot be visually inspected alone. Lift Magnet Failure is often the result of internal damage to the magnetic material and is not evident by simple visual inspections that can be performed on other lifting devices. Our Lift Magnet Testing and Certification Service performs both a thorough visual inspection and functional testing of your magnetic lifting products using testing techniques and equipment that meet or exceed the ASME B30.20 Standards for Below-the-Hook Magnetic Lifting Devices. These performance tests are often referred to as Breakaway tests.

Proper breakaway testing of a lift magnet will determine the maximum lift capacity of that magnet under ideal conditions. The outcome of the test allows the operator/owner of the lift to determine if the magnet meets the rated Working Load Limit (WLL) or lift capacity as designed by the manufacturer. After testing, We provide documentation of the testing and a certificate of conformance if the magnet meets the manufacturer's labeled rating. Damaged label replacement is also included for Industrial Magnetics Inc. labeled Lift Magnets.

Common Factors For Lift Magnet Loss Of Performance Or Failure

  1. Blunt force impact such as dropping, or banging on, the magnet can cause fractures in the magnet
  2. High heat: If the magnet is exposed to temperatures above its’ capabilities it will lose magnetism
  3. Exposure to electrical fields, like generators or welding ground circuits, will result in loss of magnetism.
  4. External factors that influence a lift magnet’s performance are; nicks, scratches, gouges, rust, etc. to the contact surface of the lifter.

Breakaway testing will prove the magnet is performing at the intended Working Load Limit (WLL).

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Industrial Magnetics, Inc. strives to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. Listed here are just a few of the regulations and practices we comply with to provide users with the safest and most environmentally friendly magnetic products available. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our manufacturing process and standards compliance.

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