FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. Datasheets for Serial Cables

Serial cables are used for the serial transmission of data. They support communication standards such as RS232, RS422, and RS485, as well as Fibre Channel, IEEE 1394 or FireWire® (Apple Computer, Inc.), and universal serial bus (USB).
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Product Name Notes
IHH500 USB Cable Assembly
ZCC930, 10 Pin Lemo FGG.1B.310.CLAD52 w/ 3x USB210 Sensor mating connections, 6 ft Long. Mates to QMA105
ZCC950, 15 ft Long, 6 Pin Bendix PT06A-10-6S-SR to Cable Assembly, Non-Molded Strain Relief (CC1) , Material - Polyurethane , 28 AWG 6 Conductors, Braided Shielded Standard, w/ USB A...
ZCC975 , 10 ft Long , DB15 Male & Cable Assembly , For MTA600 (QMA100/Q11192) , Material - PVC , 3x 28 AWG 4 Conductors , Braided Shielded Cables with...
ZCC982 , 7 ft Long , RS232 DB9 Female To Pigtail For IAC500 , Connector / Cable Assembly For IPM500/IPM490 w/ TEDS option , ,
ZCC984 , 7 ft Long , 8 Pin Binder to RS232 DB9 Cable Assembly