Broadcom Inc. Datasheets for Isolation Amplifiers

Isolation amplifiers electrically isolate input and output signals, often by inductive couplings. Isolation amplifiers, or iso-amps as they are sometimes called, may be used to protect components from potentially dangerous voltages or to amplify low-level analog signals in applications with multiple channels.
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Product Name Notes
Precision Optically Isolated Voltage Sensor -- ACPL-C870-000E
Precision Optically Isolated Voltage Sensor -- ACPL-C87A-000E
Precision Optically Isolated Voltage Sensor -- ACPL-C87B-000E
The ACPL-C87B/C87A/C870 voltage sensors are optical isolation amplifiers designed specifically for voltage sensing. Its 2V input range and high 1GO input impedance, makes it well suited for isolated voltage sensing...
Optical Isolation Amplifier in 14.2mm Creepage/Clearance Stretched SO8 Package -- ACNT-H790-000E The Avago ACNT-H790 is a high-linearity optically isolated amplifier device in 14.2mm wide creepage and clearance, designed for current and voltage sensing applications in systems such as motor drives and...