SemiGen Datasheets for Diodes

Diodes are electronic components that conduct electric current in only one direction, functioning as a one-way valve. Diodes are manufactured using semiconductor materials such as silicon, germanium or selenium and are used as voltage regulators, signal rectifiers, oscillators and signal modulators / demodulators.
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Product Name Notes
Point Contact Diode -- 1N1611
Point Contact Diode -- 1N1611A
Point Contact Diode -- 1N1611B
Point Contact Diode -- 1N21C
Point Contact Diode -- 1N21D
Point Contact Diode -- 1N21E
Point Contact Diode -- 1N21F
Point Contact Diode -- 1N21G
Point Contact Diode -- 1N21WE
Point Contact Diode -- 1N21WG
Point Contact Diode -- 1N23
Point Contact Diode -- 1N23A
Point Contact Diode -- 1N23B
Point Contact Diode -- 1N23C
Point Contact Diode -- 1N23D
Point Contact Diode -- 1N23E
Point Contact Diode -- 1N23F
Point Contact Diode -- 1N23G
Point Contact Diode -- 1N23H
Point Contact Diode -- 1N23WE
Point Contact Diode -- 1N23WG
Point Contact Diode -- 1N32
Point Contact Diode -- 1N32A
Point Contact Diode -- 1N3778
Point Contact Diode -- 1N415C
Point Contact Diode -- 1N415D
Point Contact Diode -- 1N415E
Point Contact Diode -- 1N415F
Point Contact Diode -- 1N415G
Point Contact Diode -- 1N415H
Point Contact Diode -- 1N416C
Point Contact Diode -- 1N416D
Point Contact Diode -- 1N416E
Point Contact Diode -- 1N416F
Point Contact Diode -- 1N416G
Point Contact Diode -- 1N830
Point Contact Diode -- 1N830A
Point Contact Diode -- 1N831
Point Contact Diode -- 1N831A
Point Contact Diode -- 1N831B
Point Contact Diode -- 1N831C
Point Contact Diode -- 1N832
Point Contact Diode -- 1N832A
Point Contact Diode -- 1N832B
Point Contact Diode -- 1N832C
Point Contact Diode -- 1N833
Point Contact Diode -- 1N833A
SemiGen’s 1N Series of Point Contact Mixer Diodes are designed for applications through KA band. Each device in this series is specially designed for low noise gure, impedance and VSWR.
High Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ900
High Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ903
High Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ904
High Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ905
High Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ907
High Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ909
High Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ600
High Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ603
High Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ604
High Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ605
High Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ607
High Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ608
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB300
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB301
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB302
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB303
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB304
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB305
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB306
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB307
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB308
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB309
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB310
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB311
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB312
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB313
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB314
High Barrier Schottky Diode -- SHB315
Low Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ700
Low Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ703
Low Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ704
Low Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ705
Low Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ707
Low Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ708
Low Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ400
Low Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ403
Low Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ404
Low Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ405
Low Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ407
Low Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ408
Low Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ409
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB100
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB101
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB102
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB103
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB104
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB105
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB106
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB107
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB108
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB109
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB110
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB111
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB112
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB113
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB114
Low Barrier Schottky Diode -- SLB115
Medium Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ800
Medium Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ803
Medium Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ804
Medium Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ805
Medium Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ807
Medium Barrier Bridge Quad -- SBQ809
Medium Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ500
Medium Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ503
Medium Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ504
Medium Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ507
Medium Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ508
Medium Barrier Ring Quad -- SRQ509
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB200
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB201
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB202
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB203
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB204
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB205
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB206
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB207
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB208
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB209
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB210
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB211
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB212
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB213
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB214
Medium Barrier Schottky Diode -- SMB215
SemiGen’s Silicon Schottky Diodes are designed for applications through 40Ghz. The special process technology utilizes various metal schemes to provide excellent performance of Low, Medium, and High Barrier applications. The...
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR700
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR701
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR702
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR703
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR704
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR705
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR706
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR710
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR711
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR712
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR713
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR714
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR715
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR716
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR720
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR722
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR723
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR724
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR725
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR726
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR730
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR731
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR732
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR733
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR734
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR735
Step Recovery Diode -- SSR736
SemiGen’s SSR series of Step Recovery Diodes are epitaxial silicon varactors which provide high output power and ef ciencies in harmonic generator applications. Using custom epitaxial wafers, our process ensures...
Beam Lead Pin Diode -- SBL2000-12
Beam Lead Pin Diode -- SBL2001-12
Beam Lead Pin Diode -- SBL2002-12
Beam Lead Pin Diode -- SBL2003-12
Beam Lead Pin Diode -- SBL2004-12
Beam Lead Pin Diode -- SBL2005-12
Beam Lead Pin Diode -- SBL2006-12
Beam Lead Pin Diode -- SBL2007-12
Beam Lead Pin Diode -- SBL2008-12
The SemiGen SBL 2000 series Beam Lead Pin Diodes feature fast switching speeds at both low capacitance and resistance. Beam Lead Pin Diodes have high levels of mechanical strength and...
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7020
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7021
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7022
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7023
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7024
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7025
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7026
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7027
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7028
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7029
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7030
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7031
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7032
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7033
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7034
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7035
Fast-Switching, Low-Power PIN Diode -- SGP7036
High-Power Switching and Attenuation PIN Diode -- SGP7060
High-Power Switching and Attenuation PIN Diode -- SGP7061
High-Power Switching and Attenuation PIN Diode -- SGP7062
High-Power Switching and Attenuation PIN Diode -- SGP7063
High-Power Switching and Attenuation PIN Diode -- SGP7064
High-Power Switching and Attenuation PIN Diode -- SGP7065
High-Power Switching and Attenuation PIN Diode -- SGP7066
High-Power Switching and Attenuation PIN Diode -- SGP7067
High-Power Switching and Attenuation PIN Diode -- SGP7068
High-Power Switching and Attenuation PIN Diode -- SGP7069
High-Voltage PIN Diode -- SGP7070
High-Voltage PIN Diode -- SGP7071
High-Voltage PIN Diode -- SGP7072
High-Voltage PIN Diode -- SGP7073
High-Voltage PIN Diode -- SGP7074
High-Voltage PIN Diode -- SGP7075
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7040
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7041
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7042
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7043
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7044
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7045
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7046
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7047
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7048
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7049
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7050
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7051
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7052
Medium-Power General-Purpose PIN Diode -- SGP7053
Ultra-Fast Switching PIN Diode -- SGP7010
Ultra-Fast Switching PIN Diode -- SGP7011
Ultra-Fast Switching PIN Diode -- SGP7012
Ultra-Fast Switching PIN Diode -- SGP7013
The SemiGen SGP7000 series of PIN Diodes are processed with a high-resistivity epi that have intrinsic layers that range in thickness from 4 micron to 200 micron depending on performance...
Limiter Diode -- SLP7100
Limiter Diode -- SLP7101
Limiter Diode -- SLP7102
Limiter Diode -- SLP7110
Limiter Diode -- SLP7111
Limiter Diode -- SLP7112
Limiter Diode -- SLP7120
Limiter Diode -- SLP7121
Limiter Diode -- SLP7122
Limiter Diode -- SLP7130
Limiter Diode -- SLP7131
Limiter Diode -- SLP7140
Limiter Diode -- SLP7141
The SemiGen SLP7100 series of Limiter Diodes are processed with a high-resistivity epi that have thin intrinsic layers. These devices are typically in the 2 to 20 micron range of...
Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode -- SZB900
Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode -- SZB901
Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode -- SZB902
Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode -- SZB903
Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode -- SZB904
Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode -- SZB905
Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode -- SZB906
Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode -- SZB907
Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode -- SZB908
Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode -- SZB909
Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode -- SZB910
The SemiGen SZB900 Series of Zero Bias Schottky Detector diodes are designed for use in video detectors and power monitors eliminating the need to provide external DC bias to the...