OSI Optoelectronics Datasheets for Photodiodes

Photodiodes are used for the detection of optical power (UV, Visible, and IR) and for the conversion of optical power to electrical power.
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Product Name Notes
Photodiode -- FCI-020A
Photodiode -- FCI-040A
FCI-020A and FCI-040A with active area sizes of 0.5mm and 1.0mm, are parts of OSI Optoelectronics' large active area IR sensitive silicon detectors exhibiting excellent responsivity at 970nm. These large...
Photodiode Preamp -- FCI-H125G-GaAs-100
Photodiode Preamp -- FCI-H250G-GaAs-100
FCI-H125/250G-GaAs-100 series with active area sizes of 100µm is a compact integration of our high speed GaAs photodetector with a wide dynamic range transimpedance amplifier. Combining the detector with the...
Photodiode Preamp -- FCI-H125G-InGaAs-70
Photodiode Preamp -- FCI-H250G-InGaAs-70
FCI-H125/250G-InGaAs-XX series are compact and integrated high speed InGaAs photodetector with wide dynamic range transimpedance amplifier. Combining the detector with the TIA in a hermetically sealed 4 pin TO-46 package...
Photodiode Preamp -- FCI-H125G-010
Photodiode Preamp -- FCI-H125G-010-L
FCI-H125G-10 A low noise, high bandwidth photodetector plus transimpedance amplifier designed for short wavelength (850nm) high speed fiber optic data communications. The hybrid incorporates a 250µm diameter large sensing area,...
Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-120
Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-300
Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-400
Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-500
Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-55
Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-70
Photodiode Preamp -- FCI-H155M-InGaAs-70
Photodiode Preamp -- FCI-H622M-InGaAs-71
FCI-H155/622M-InGaAs-70 series are high-speed 70µm InGaAs photodetector integrated with wide dynamic range transimpedance amplifier. Combining the detector with the TIA in a hermetically sealed 4 pin TO-46 package provides ideal...
Back Illuminated InGaAs Photodiode Array -- FCI-InGaAs-300B1
Back Illuminated InGaAs Photodiode Array -- FCI-InGaAs-300B1x4
Back Illuminated InGaAs Photodiode Array -- FCI-InGaAs-300B1x8
FCI-InGaAs-300B1XX series are multifunctional backside illuminated photodiode/arrays. They come standard in a single element diode or 4 - or 8- elements array with active area of 300µm. These back illuminated...
Quadrant Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-Q1000
Quadrant Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-Q3000
FCI-InGaAs-QXXX series are large active area InGaAs photodiodes segmented into four separate active areas. These photodiodes come in 1mm and 3mm active area diameter. The InGaAs Quad series with high...
GaAs Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-12M
GaAs Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-16M
GaAs Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-4M
GaAs Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-8M
FCI-InGaAs-XXM series with 4, 8, 12 and 16 channels are parts of OSI Optoelectronics' high speed IR sensitive photodetector arrays. Each AR coated element is capable of 2.5Gbps data rates...
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-120ACER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-300ACER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-400ACER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-500ACER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-70ACER
FCI-InGaAs-XXX-ACER with active area sizes of 70µm, 120µm, 300µm, 400µm, 500µm is part of OSI Optoelectronics' high speed IR sensitive photodiodes mounted on angled ceramic substrates. The ceramic substrate with...
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-120CCER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-300CCER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-400CCER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-500CCER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-70CCER
FCI-InGaAs-XXX-CCER with active area sizes of 70µm, 120µm, 300µm, 400µm, 500µm are part of OSI Optoelectronics' high speed IR sensitive photodiodes mounted on gull wing ceramic substrates with glass windows.
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-120LCER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-300LCER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-400LCER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-500LCER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-70LCER
FCI-InGaAs-XXX-LCER with active area sizes of 70µm, 120µm, 300µm, 400µm, 500µm are part of OSI Optoelectronics' high speed IR sensitive photodiodes mounted on gull wing ceramic substrates. The chips can...
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-120WCER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-300WCER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-400WCER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-500WCER
Chip on Carrier Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-70WCER
FCI-InGaAs-XXX-WCER with active area sizes of 70µm, 120µm, 300µm, 400µm, 500µm are part of a line of monitor photodiodes mounted on metallized ceramic substrates. These compact assemblies are designed for...
Large Area InGaAs Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-1000
Large Area InGaAs Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-1500-X
Large Area InGaAs Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAS-3000-X
FCI-InGaAs-XXX-X series with active area sizes of 1mm, 1.5mm and 3mm, are part of OSI Optoelectronics' large active area IR sensitive detectors which exhibit excellent responsivity from 1100nm to 1620nm,...
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A2V-16
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A2V-35
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A2V-76
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A3V-38
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A4V-10
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A4V-12
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A4V-2
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A4V-4
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A4V-6
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A4V-8
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A5C-35
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A5C-38
Multi-Element Linear Photodiode Array -- A5V-35UV
Multichannel array photodetectors consist of a number of single element photodiodes laid adjacent to each other forming a one-dimensional sensing area common cathode substrate. They can perform simultaneous measurements of...
Fiber Coupled InGaAs PIN Photodiode Modules OSI Laser Diode, Inc.‘s (LDI) InGaAs PIN detector provides both small size and high performance in a miniature coaxial module. Designed to provide high responsivity and low leakage, LDI’s detector...
Molded Photodiodes -- BPW-34
Molded Photodiodes -- BPW-34B
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-0.81-CSL
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-0.81-LLS
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-01-CJ
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-01-CLSL
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-01-CT3
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-01-CT5
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-01-FJ
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-01-FLSL
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-01-FT3
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-01-FT5
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-07-CSL
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-07-CSLR
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-07-FSL
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-07-FSLR
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-08-CSL-F
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-16-CSL
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-4.0-CSL
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-4.0-LLS
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-8.0-CSL
Molded Photodiodes -- PIN-8.0-LLS
OSI Optoelectronics offers a line of high quality and reliability plastic encapsulated photodiodes. These molded devices are available in a variety of shapes and sizes of photodetectors and packages, including...
IR Suppressed -- UV-005E
IR Suppressed -- UV-005EC
IR Suppressed -- UV-013E
IR Suppressed -- UV-035E
IR Suppressed -- UV-035EC
IR Suppressed -- UV-100EC
OSI Optoelectronics offers two distinct families of UV enhanced silicon photodiodes. Inversion channel series and planar diffused series. Both families of devices are especially designed for low noise detection in...
Photodiode -- FCI-HR005
Photodiode -- FCI-HR008
Photodiode -- FCI-HR020
Photodiode -- FCI-HR026
Photodiode -- FCI-HR040
OSI Optoelectronics' family of large active area and high speed silicon detector series are designed to reliably support short-haul data communications applications. All exhibit low dark current and low capacitance...
Photodiode -- FCI-125G-006HR
Photodiode -- FCI-125G-010HR
Photodiode -- FCI-125G-012HR
Photodiode -- FCI-125G-016HR
OSI Optoelectronics' family of large active area and high speed silicon PIN photodiodes possesses a large sensing area optimized for short-haul optical data communication applications at 850nm. The photodetectors exhibit...
Photodiode -- FCI-InGaAs-36C OSI Optoelectronics' FCI-InGaAs-36C is an OC-192 (SONET/SDH) capable photosensitive device, exhibiting low dark current and good performance stability. Both Anode and Cathode contacts appear on the chip's top facet and...
Quadrant / Bi-Cell Photodiode -- QD50-0
Quadrant / Bi-Cell Photodiode -- QD7-0
QD7-0-SD or QD50-0-SD are quadrant photodiode arrays with associated circuitry to provide two difference signals and a sum signal. The two difference signals are voltage analogs of the relative intensity...
Silicon Avalanche Photodiode -- APD-1500
Silicon Avalanche Photodiode -- APD-300
Silicon Avalanche Photodiode -- APD-3000
Silicon Avalanche Photodiode -- APD-300L
Silicon Avalanche Photodiode -- APD-500
Silicon Avalanche Photodiode -- APD-500L
Silicon Avalanche Photodiode -- APD-900
Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes make use of internal multiplication to achieve gain due to impact ionization. The result is the optimized series of high Responsivity devices, exhibiting excellent sensitivity. OSI Optoelectronics...
Back Illuminated SMT Photodiodes -- 1010BI-SMT
Back Illuminated SMT Photodiodes -- 33BI-SMT
Back Illuminated SMT Photodiodes -- 55BI-SMT
The BI-SMT product series are single channel back-illuminated photodiodes specifically designed to minimize 'dead' areas at the edge of the device. Each device is designed on a package with dimensions...
Radiometric & Photometric Photodiode -- OSD1-E
Radiometric & Photometric Photodiode -- OSD15-E
Radiometric & Photometric Photodiode -- OSD3-E
Radiometric & Photometric Photodiode -- OSD5-E
Radiometric & Photometric Photodiode -- OSD60-E
Radiometric & Photometric Photodiode -- PIN-005D-254F
Radiometric & Photometric Photodiode -- PIN-005E-550F
Radiometric & Photometric Photodiode -- PIN-10AP-1
Radiometric & Photometric Photodiode -- PIN-10DF
Radiometric & Photometric Photodiode -- PIN-555APß
The Detector-Filter combination series incorporates a filter with a photodiode to achieve a tailored spectral response. OSI Optoelectronics offers a multitude of standard and custom combinations. Upon request, all detector-filter...
Photodiode -- PIN-0.81-CSL
Photodiode -- PIN-0.81-LLS
Photodiode -- PIN-4.0-CSL
Photodiode -- PIN-4.0-LLS
Photodiode -- PIN-8.0-CSL
Photodiode -- PIN-8.0-LLS
The dual LED series consists of a 660nm (red) LED and a companion IR LED such as 880 / 895, 905, or 940nm. They are widely used for ratio metric...
Photodiode Preamp -- FCI-GaAS-12M
Photodiode Preamp -- FCI-GaAS-4M
The FCI-GaAs-XXm is a 4 or 12 element GaAs PIN photodetector array designed for high speed fiber receiver and monitoring applications. The 70µm diameter elements are capable of 2.5Gbps data...
200 um InGaAs APD Module The LAPD 1550-200R is a 200 um InGaAs APD housed in a hermetic 3 pin TO46 Package. The low noise and high sensitivity of the LAPD 1550-200R APD makes it...
30um InGaAs APD Module The LAPD 1550-30R is a 30um InGaAs mesa structure APD housed in a hermetic 3 pin TO46 Package with lens cap. The low noise, high sensitivity and broad Vbr curve...
75 um InGaAs APD Module The LAPD 1550-80R is a 75 um InGaAs APD housed in a hermetic 3 pin TO46 Package. The low noise and high sensitivity of the LAPD 1550-80R APD makes it...
Fiber Coupled InGaAs APD Modules The LAPD 3080 is a 75 um InGaAs, mesa structure APD, housed in a hermetic 3 pin coaxial package. The APD is coupled to either a multimode or single mode...
Large Active Area, High Speed Photodiode -- PIN-RD07
Large Active Area, High Speed Photodiode -- PIN-RD100
Large Active Area, High Speed Photodiode -- PIN-RD100A
Large Active Area, High Speed Photodiode -- PIN-RD15
The Large Active Area High Speed Detectors can be fully depleted to achieve the lowest possible junction capacitance for fast response times. They may be operated at a higher reverse...
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-020A
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-040A
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-10D
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-10DI
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-13D
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-13DI
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-25D
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-2DI
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-3CD
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-3CDI
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-44D
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-44DI
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-5D
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-5DI
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-6D
D Series, Metal Package -- PIN-6DI
D Series, Plastic Package -- FIL-100C
D Series, Plastic Package -- FIL-20C
D Series, Plastic Package -- FIL-44C
D Series, Plastic Package -- FIL-5C
D Series, Plastic Package -- PIN-220D
O Series, Metal Package -- OSD1-0
O Series, Metal Package -- OSD100-0A
O Series, Metal Package -- OSD15-0
O Series, Metal Package -- OSD35-0
O Series, Metal Package -- OSD5-0
O Series, Metal Package -- OSD60-0
The Photoconductive Detector Series are suitable for high speed and high sensitivity applications. The spectral range extends from 350 to 1100 nm, making these photodiodes ideal for visible and near...
Photodiode Preamp (Photop™) -- UDT-020D
Photodiode Preamp (Photop™) -- UDT-020UV
Photodiode Preamp (Photop™) -- UDT-055UV
Photodiode Preamp (Photop™) -- UDT-451
Photodiode Preamp (Photop™) -- UDT-455
Photodiode Preamp (Photop™) -- UDT-455HS
Photodiode Preamp (Photop™) -- UDT-455LN
Photodiode Preamp (Photop™) -- UDT-455UV
Photodiode Preamp (Photop™) -- UDT-455UV / LN
Photodiode Preamp (Photop™) -- UDT-555D
Photodiode Preamp (Photop™) -- UDT-555UV
Photodiode Preamp (Photop™) -- UDT-555UV / LN
The Photop™ Series, combines a photodiode with an operational amplifier in the same package. Photop general-purpose detectors have a spectral range from either 350 nm to 1100 nm or 200...
Blue Enhanced Photodiode -- OSD1-5T
Blue Enhanced Photodiode -- OSD100-5TA
Blue Enhanced Photodiode -- OSD15-5T
Blue Enhanced Photodiode -- OSD3-5T
Blue Enhanced Photodiode -- OSD5-5T
Blue Enhanced Photodiode -- OSD60-5T
Blue Enhanced Photodiode -- PIN- 220DP / SB
Blue Enhanced Photodiode -- PIN-040DP / SB
Blue Enhanced Photodiode -- PIN-10DP/SB
Blue Enhanced Photodiode -- PIN-10DPI/SB
Blue Enhanced Photodiode -- PIN-5DP/SB
Photovoltaic Series -- CD-1705
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-10DP
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-10DPI
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-125DPL
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-13DP
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-13DPI
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-220DP
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-25DP
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-2DPI
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-3CDP
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-3CDPI
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-44DP
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-44DPI
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-5DP
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-5DPI
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-6DP
Photovoltaic Series -- PIN-6DPI
The Photovoltaic Detector series is utilized for applications requiring high sensitivity and moderate response speeds, with an additional sensitivity in the visible-blue region for the blue enhanced series. The spectral...
Solderable Chip Photodiode -- S-100CL
Solderable Chip Photodiode -- S-100VL
Solderable Chip Photodiode -- S-10CL
Solderable Chip Photodiode -- S-10VL
Solderable Chip Photodiode -- S-120CL
Solderable Chip Photodiode -- S-120VL
The Solderable photodiode chip series offer a low cost approach to applications requiring large active area photodetectors with or without flying leads for ease of assembly and / or situations...
Quadrant / Bi-Cell Photodiode -- CD-25T
Quadrant / Bi-Cell Photodiode -- SPOT-2D
Quadrant / Bi-Cell Photodiode -- SPOT-2DMI
Quadrant / Bi-Cell Photodiode -- SPOT-3D
Quadrant / Bi-Cell Photodiode -- SPOT-4D
Quadrant / Bi-Cell Photodiode -- SPOT-4DMI
Quadrant / Bi-Cell Photodiode -- SPOT-4DUV
Quadrant / Bi-Cell Photodiode -- SPOT-9D
Quadrant / Bi-Cell Photodiode -- SPOT-9DMI
The SPOT Series are common substrate photodetectors segmented into either two (2) or four (4) separate active areas. They are available with either a 0.005" or 0.004" well defined gap...
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- DL-10
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- DL-10C
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- DL-2
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- DL-20
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- DL-20C
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- DL-4
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- DLS-10
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- DLS-2
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- DLS-20
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- DLS-2S
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- DLS-4
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- SL10-1
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- SL15
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- SL3-1
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- SL3-2
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- SL30
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- SL5-1
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- SL5-2
Duo-Lateral Position Sensing Detector -- SL76-1
The Super Linear Position Sensors feature state of the art duo-lateral technology to provide a continuous analog output proportional to the displacement of the centroid of a light spot from...
Low Cross Talk 2-Dimensional Photodiode -- UDT-4X4D The UDT-4X4D is a 4 by 4 array of super blue enhanced Photodetectors. Our proprietary design provides virtually complete isolation between all of the 16 elements. The standard LCC package...
Nd:YAG Enhanced Photodiode -- PIN-100-YAG
Nd:YAG Enhanced Photodiode -- PIN-5-YAG
Nd:YAG Enhanced Photodiode -- SPOT-15-YAG
Nd:YAG Enhanced Photodiode -- SPOT-9-YAG
The YAG Series of photo detectors are optimized for high response at 1060 nm, the YAG laser light wavelength, and low capacitance, for high speed operation and low noise. These...
Fiber Pigtailed -- FCI-InGaAS-120-XX-XX
Fiber Pigtailed -- FCI-InGaAS-120C-XX-XX
Fiber Pigtailed -- FCI-InGaAS-70-XX-XX
Fiber Pigtailed -- FCI-InGaAS-70C-XX-XX
TheFCI-InGaAs-XX-XX-XX with active area of 70µm and 120µm are part of OSI Optoelectronics family of high speed IR sensitive detectors with fiber pigtail package. The single/multi-mode fiber is optically aligned...
16-Element Silicon Photodiode Array -- A2C-16-1.57
16-Element Silicon Photodiode Array -- A2C-16-2.54
This series consists of 16- element arrays: the individual elements are grouped together and mounted on PCB. For X-Ray or Gamma-ray application, these multi-channel detectors offer scintillator-mounting options: BGO, CdWO4...

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