Image Supply, Inc. Datasheets for Pest Control Products and Equipment

Pest control products and equipment are used to repel, remove or eradicate unwanted animals and insects. They use mechanical, electrical, chemical, and ultrasonic methods and are designed typically to combat specific types of vermin.
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Product Name Notes
Waterbury CB® Clean Air Purge III Metered Insecticide -- TINSECT Contains 0.975% Pyrethrins. Kills and repels flies, mosquitoes, gnats and small flying moths. Contains no CFC's or other ozone-depleting substances. 1.95% PBO and 3.05% MGK264; 35% VOC. Woodsy fragrance. 6.4...
aero® Wasp & Hornet Killer - 16 oz. -- WASP This fast acting, non-conductive wasp & hornet killer shoots a 16 foot stream. Dielectric Breakdown Voltage: 40.1 KV by ASTM Test Method D-877. 0.2% tetramethrin & 0.125% D-Phenothrin. USDA: F2;