Ecologix Environmental Systems Datasheets for Rotating Biological Contactors

Rotating biological contactors are large discs on rotating shafts that are mounted in wastewater tanks, but only partly submerged. As the discs turn, the microorganisms on them repeatedly contact both air and the organic substances in the water.
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Product Name Notes
SideLine Vessels -- F3AVSB0005
SideLine Vessels -- F3AVSB0005-304
SideLine Vessels -- SBF0111SB02F
SideLine Vessels -- SBF0111SB02F304
SideLine Vessels -- SBF0111SB03F
SideLine Vessels -- SBF0111SB03F304
SideLine Vessels -- SBF0112SB02F
SideLine Vessels -- SBF0112SB02F304
SideLine Vessels -- SBF0112SB03F
SideLine Vessels -- SBF0112SB03F304
A Sideline Filter vessel is a full-featured investment-cast filter vessel with an ASME Code Stamp. A bead, not sand, blasted finish that makes cleaning complete and a cover that can...
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVFB00310
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVFB00311
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVFB00422
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVFB00430
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVFB00442
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVFB00450
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVFB0500
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVFB0510
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVSB00222-304
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVSB00310
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVSB00322
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVSB1008
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVSB1026
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVSB1028
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVTB0100
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVTB0200
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVTB0222
Duoline & Moduline Bag Filter Vessels -- F3AVTB0310
Duoline filter housings are for applications where the system flow cannot be shut down for filter bag change out. Either a butterfly or ball valve assembly is used to divert...
Evaporators -- ED-100
Evaporators -- ED-1000
Evaporators -- ED-15
Evaporators -- ED-150
Evaporators -- ED-200
Evaporators -- ED-25
Evaporators -- ED-300
Evaporators -- ED-40
Evaporators -- ED-50
Evaporators -- ED-500
Evaporators -- ED-75
Evaporators -- ED-750
Ecologix provides low temperature evaporation systems designed to efficiently evaporate wastewater from landfill leachate recovery systems using the low BTU landfill gas as a fuel. The EvapoDry design incorporates a...
Polyline & PVDF Vessels -- FLT4201F
Polyline & PVDF Vessels -- FLT4202F
Polyline & PVDF Vessels -- FLT5202
Polyline & PVDF Vessels -- FLT5202F
Polypropylene Vessels -- FLT4201
Polypropylene Vessels -- FLT4201F
Polypropylene Vessels -- FLT4202
Polypropylene Vessels -- FLT4202F
For application versatility these all plastic housings will accept most standard 7" diameter filter bags. The single length vessel uses size (1) filter bag, 7" x 16", while the double...
Ecoline Filter Vessel -- EBF0111SB02T
Ecoline Filter Vessel -- EBF0111SB02T-304
Ecoline Filter Vessel -- EBF0112SB02T
Ecoline Filter Vessel -- EBF0112SB02T-304
Ecoline Filter Vessel -- F3AVEB00100
Ecoline Filter Vessel -- F3AVEB00100-304
Ecoline Filter Vessel -- F3AVEB00101
Ecoline Filter Vessel -- F3AVEB00101-304
Ecoline Filter Vessel -- F3AVEB00102
Ecoline Filter Vessel -- F3AVEB00103
Ecoline Filter Vessel -- F3AVEB00103-304
High-quality, economical filter housings for cost sensitive applications up to 100psi. Even if your application may not now require stainless steel, you can still take advantage of the superior corrosion...
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV1800012CS Maxilnie MBF HD filter vessels hold up to 24 filter bags for applications that require high flow rates and easy bag change out. Available in seven sizes that accomodate three...
Miniline Vessels -- EBF0101SB15T
Miniline Vessels -- EBF0102SB15T
Miniline Vessels -- EBF0103SB02T
Miniline Vessels -- F3AVEB00110
Miniline Vessels -- F3AVEB00110-304
Miniline Vessels -- F3AVEB00111
Miniline Vessels -- F3AVEB00111-304
Miniline Vessels -- F3AVEB00112
Miniline Vessels -- F3AVSB00120-304
Miniline Vessels -- F3AVSB00121-304
Miniline Vessels -- F3AVSB00122
Miniline Vessels -- F3AVSB00122-304
Miniline Vessels -- F3AVSB1018-304
Miniline Vessels -- F3AVSB1027-304
Miniline Vessels -- SBF0101SD15TKD
Miniline Vessels -- SBF0101SD15TKD4
Miniline Vessels -- SBF0102SD15TKD
Miniline Vessels -- SBF0102SD15TKD4
Miniline Vessels -- SBF0103SD02TKD
Miniline Vessels -- SBF0103SD02TKD4
Miniline vessels are designed for self-supported installation. Stainless steel construction means years of reliable, precision filtration with no concern about corrosion problems and at a price that compares favorably to...
Topline -- F3AVTB0003
Topline -- F3AVTB0004
Topline -- TBF0111SB02F
Topline -- TBF0111SB02F304
Topline -- TBF0112SB02F
Our 'Topline" series is the finest bag filter vessel available. From its high-performance design to its investment-cast components, everything about "Over the Top" is simply the best. The side inlet,...
Bio-Clear -- BC-10-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-100-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-11-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-12-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-13-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-14-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-15-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-16-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-17-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-18-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-19-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-20-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-21-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-22-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-23-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-24-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-25-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-3-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-30-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-35-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-4-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-40-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-45-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-5-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-50-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-55-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-6-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-60-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-65-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-7-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-7.5-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-70-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-75-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-8-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-80-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-85-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-9-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-90-ES
Bio-Clear -- BC-95-ES
Fixed bed bio -reactor -- Bio-Clear
Fixed bed bio -reactor -- XL-10Bio-Clear
Fixed bed bio -reactor -- XL-12
Fixed bed bio -reactor -- XL-2Bio-Clear
Fixed bed bio -reactor -- XL-4Bio-Clear
Fixed bed bio -reactor -- XL-6Bio-Clear
Fixed bed bio -reactor -- XL-8Bio-Clear
The Bio-Clear packaged wastewater treatment system utilizes an extended aeration principal of operation which is a variation of the activated sludge process. This system functions by creating an environment with...
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -100
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -1000
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -125
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -150
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -175
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -200
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -250
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -300
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -350
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -400
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -450
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -500
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -600
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -800
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR -900
Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) -- IBR-700
The Integrated Bio-Reactor (IBR) is designed to treat wastewater with highly concentrated organic loads, such as industrial biodegradable effluents and municipal wastewater. The operation of the IBR is simplified by...
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV010000010
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV01000008
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV01000010-CS
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV012000010
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV01200010-2
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV012000101
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV01400010
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV01600010
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV01600012
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV01600012
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV01600012-1
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0300003
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0300003-304
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0300004
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0400003
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0400003-304
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0400003-CS
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0400004
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0600003
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0600004
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0600004
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0600006
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0600103
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0800003
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0800003-304
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0800004
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV0800006
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV1000003-304
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV18000012
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV18000012-316
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV20000014
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV2000014-316
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV2000014CS
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV22000014
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV22000014-316
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV22000014CS
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV24000014-304
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV24000014-316
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV24000014-CS
Maxiline MBF HD -- F3AV400003-316
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0300001-304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0300001L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0300001L304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0300002
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0300002L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0300005
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV030001
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0300300-B
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0300300B304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0300301-B
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0301010CRNA
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0400001
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0400001-304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0400001L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0400002
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0400002L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0400010
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0400010L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0400010L304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV04003000-B
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0400300B304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0400301-B
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0500200-304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0600001-304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0600001L-304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0600002
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0600002L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV060001
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV060001L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0600101
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0600103
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0600200
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0600200L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0600200L304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0600300B304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0600301-B
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0800001
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0800001L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0800002L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV080002
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0800101
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0800200
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0800200-304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0800200L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0800200L304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0800201
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0800300-B
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0800300B304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV0800301-B
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV10002000
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV1000200L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV1000200L304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV1200200
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV1200200-304
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV1200200L
Maxiline Vessels -- F3AV1200200L304
Maxiline Vessels -- V-MBF-0402-BB10-040A-UT-11SE
The Maxiline VMBF SE design prevents the cover from being opened until the vessel has been properly vented. A threaded spindle mechanism, operated by a hand wheel, opens the clamp...
Evaporators -- SD-36
Evaporators -- SD-48
Evaporators -- SD-72
Evaporators -- SD-72E
The SludgeDry Systems can help by easily and affordably turning sludge liabilities into assets for major midsize wastewater treatment plants. The SludgeDry dehydrates and sanitizes wastewater solids in an enclosed...
MBR -- 6040
MBR -- 6060
When used with domestic wastewater, MBR processes produce effluent of high enough quality to be discharged to coastal, brackish, or surface waterways, or to be reclaimed for urban irrigation. Ecologix...

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