Parker Hannifin / Automation / Electromechanical Division - Europe Datasheets for Stepper Motor Drives

Stepper motor drives power unipolar and bipolar stepper motors in full step, half step, and microstep motion control applications.
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Product Name Notes
XL Series Stepper Drives -- XL25
XL Series Stepper Drives -- XL25CAN
XL Series Stepper Drives -- XL25i
XL Series Stepper Drives -- XL50
XL Series Stepper Drives -- XL50CAN
XL Series Stepper Drives -- XL50i
XL Series Stepper Drives -- XL80
XL Series Stepper Drives -- XL80CAN
XL Series Stepper Drives -- XL80i
XL Stepper Drive / Controller Protection Motor overcurrent/short circuit , over & under voltage , logic suppy fault , over temperature Recommended inductance range 0.8 mH - 10 mH Panel...
Ethernet Powerlink Motion Controller -- ACR9000-EPL ETHERNET Powerlink expands the ACR9000 family by adding real-time motion control over standard Ethernet. The high-speed digital communications network enhances machine performance and configuration possibilities while reducing set-up time and...
Universal Motion Control -- 6K Motion Controllers 1-8 axes of stepper/servo control (any combination) Outputs standard +/- 10V or step & direction Servo update rates of 62.5 axis Motion Planner Software provided 10 Mbps twisted pair Ethernet...
VIX Series Stepper Drives -- VIM250-CM
VIX Series Stepper Drives -- VIM250-IM
VIX Series Stepper Drives -- VIM500-CM
VIX Series Stepper Drives -- VIM500-IM
Fully digital design Field-oriented control for improved low-speed performance Panel or DIN rail mounting 2.8 A & 5.6 A RMS rating Up to 80 V DC bus Built-in controller using...
Multi-Axis Motion Controller -- ACR 9000 Up to 8 axes of servo or stepper control 150 MFLOPS, 32-bit floating-point DSP Advanced Multitasking of up to 24 simultaneous programs Interpolation of 8 axes in any combination Up...