Parker Hannifin / Automation / Electromechanical Division - Europe Datasheets for Gearboxes and Gearheads

Gearboxes and gearheads, also called gear reducers or speed reducers, are power transmission devices that use a gear arrangement in an enclosed housing to transfer energy, increase torque and reduce speed from one device to another. Gearboxes may also be referred to as gear reducers or speed reducers.
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Product Name Notes
Precision Planetary P Series -- P3
Precision Planetary P Series -- P4
Precision Planetary P Series -- P5
Precision Planetary P Series -- P7
Precision Planetary P Series -- P8
Compact dimensions make planetary gearboxes particularly suitable for use in applications where highly-dynamic servo motors are employed. Available in 5 sizes. 12 several transmission ratios. Extremely low level of operational...
Stealth Gen II In-Line PX Series -- PX115 GEN II
Stealth Gen II In-Line PX Series -- PX60 Gen II
Stealth Gen II In-Line PX Series -- PX90 Gen II
High performance at an exceptional value makes STEALTH PX the gearhead of choice for today's lower cost servo motor applications. Stealth PX delivers the best value with the advantages of...
Stealth Gen II Advanced Right Angle RS Series -- RS115 Gen II
Stealth Gen II Advanced Right Angle RS Series -- RS60 Gen II
Stealth Gen II Advanced Right Angle RS Series -- RS90 Gen II
Parkers Stealth Advanced RS Right Angle Planetary Gearhead delivers the high performance features of our STEALTH Gen II in a compact, right angle package. With 7 frame sizes and 9...
Stealth Gen II Advanced In-Line PS Series -- PS115 Gen II
Stealth Gen II Advanced In-Line PS Series -- PS60 Gen II
Stealth Gen II Advanced In-Line PS Series -- PS90 Gen II
Stealth Advanced PS is Parkers highest performance servo gearhead. With 8 frame sizes and 12 gear ratios, you are guaranteed to find a Stealth Advanced PS to fit your high...
Stealth Gen II Right Angle RX Series -- RX115 GEN II
Stealth Gen II Right Angle RX Series -- RX60 Gen II
Stealth Gen II Right Angle RX Series -- RX90 Gen II
Stealth® RX incorporates Parkers helical planetary technology in a lower cost package. Available in NEMA and Metric frame sizes, Stealth RX delivers high torque and quiet, smooth operation for less...
PE Series -- PE2-005-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE2-008-10M030/045/06/20
PE Series -- PE2-009-10M038/66/06/23
PE Series -- PE2-016-10M030/045/06/20
PE Series -- PE2-040-10M030/045/06/20
PE Series -- PE3-003-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE3-004-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE3-004-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE3-005-10M038/066/06/21
PE Series -- PE3-005-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE3-005-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE3-005-10M073/098/09/32
PE Series -- PE3-008-10M038/066/06/21
PE Series -- PE3-008-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE3-008-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE3-009-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE3-015-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE3-016-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE3-016-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE3-020-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE3-025-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE3-025-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE3-040-10M038/066/06/21
PE Series -- PE3-040-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE3-060-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE3-064-10M038/066/06/21
PE Series -- PE3-064-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE3-064-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE3-100-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE3-100-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE3-120-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE3-160-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE3-200-10M040/063/09/20
PE Series -- PE3-200-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE4-003-10M073/098/09/32
PE Series -- PE4-003-10M073/098/19/40
PE Series -- PE4-003-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-003-10M095/115/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-003-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE4-004-10M073/098/09/32
PE Series -- PE4-004-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-005-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE4-005-10M073/098/09/32
PE Series -- PE4-005-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-005-10M080/100/19/40
PE Series -- PE4-005-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE4-008-10M050/095/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-008-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE4-008-10M073/098/09/32
PE Series -- PE4-008-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-008-10M080/100/19/40
PE Series -- PE4-009-10M073/098/09/32
PE Series -- PE4-012-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE4-012-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-015-10M073/098/09/32
PE Series -- PE4-015-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-015-10M080/100/19/40
PE Series -- PE4-016-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-020-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE4-020-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-020-10M080/100/19/40
PE Series -- PE4-025-10M070/090/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-025-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-032-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE4-032-10M073/098/09/32
PE Series -- PE4-032-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-032-10M080/100/19/40
PE Series -- PE4-040-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-060-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE4-060-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-064-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-080-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-100-10M080/100/14/30
PE Series -- PE4-160-10M060/090/11/23
PE Series -- PE4-160-11M000/000/00/00
PE Series -- PE4-512-10M060/075/11/23
PE Series -- PE4-512-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-003-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-004-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-005-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-005-10M130/165/24/50
PE Series -- PE5-008-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-008-10M095/130/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-009-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-012-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-015-10M073/098/09/32
PE Series -- PE5-015-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-015-10M130/165/24/50
PE Series -- PE5-016-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-020-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-020-10M130/165/24/50
PE Series -- PE5-020-13M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-025-10M080/100/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-025-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-025-13M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-032-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-040-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-040-10M110/130/24/50
PE Series -- PE5-060-10M095/115/19/40
PE Series -- PE5-064-10M095/115/19/40
Excellent price/performance ratio Input speeds up to 8000rpm Fast and very simple motor mounting IP54 rating
Economy Uniflange PTN Series -- PTN060
Economy Uniflange PTN Series -- PTN080
Economy Uniflange PTN Series -- PTN120
Space-saving design High output torque High efficiency (96%) Low noise Life time lubrication High quality (ISO 9001) Fast and easy motor mounting Direction of rotation equidirectional Ratios: 4:1, 8:1, 25:1...