Mueller Company Datasheets for Ball Valves

Ball valves are quarter-turn, straight-through valves that have a round closure element with matching rounded seats that permit uniform sealing stress. The valve gets its name from the ball that rotates to open and close the valve. Ball valves are used in situations where tight shut-off is required. They are wide duty valves, able to transfer gases, liquids and liquids with suspended solids (slurries). Ball valves provide tight shut-off and characterizable control. They have high rangeability due to the design of the regulating element and few complications from side loads typical of butterfly or globe valves.
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Product Name Notes
Curb Valve -- H-10291N
Curb Valve -- H-10297N
Curb Valve -- H-15126N
Curb Valve -- H-15151N
Curb Valve -- H-15176N
Curb Valve -- H-15201N
• HEAVY BRASS COMPONENTS constructed brass for strength and durability. • MANUFACTURED AND TESTED - to ANSI/AWWA C800 standard. • END CONNECTIONS - include copper flare and F.I.P. thread. •
Curb Valve -- H-1500-1N
Curb Valve -- H-1500-2N
Curb Valve -- H-1502-1N
Curb Valve -- H-1502-2N
Curb Valve -- H-1503-1N
Curb Valve -- H-1503-2N
Curb Valve -- H-1504-1N
Curb Valve -- H-1504-2N
Curb Valve -- P-1503-1N
Curb Valve -- P-1503-2N
Curb Valve -- P-1504-1N
Curb Valve -- P-1504-2N
• MANUFACTURED AND TESTED - to ANSI/AWWA C800 standard. • HEAVY BRASS COMPONENTS constructed of brass for strength and durability. • END CONNECTIONS include copper flare, MUELLER 110® Compression Connection,...
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-20003N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-20013N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-20045N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-20046N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-25000N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-25005N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-25006N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-25008N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-25009N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-25010N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-25020N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-25024N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-25025N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-25026N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-25028N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-25029N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-2969N
Ball Corporation Valve -- B-2996N
Ball Corporation Valve -- E-25009N
Ball Corporation Valve -- E-25029N
Ball Corporation Valve -- P-25008N
Ball Corporation Valve -- P-25028N
Ball Corporation Valve -- V-25056N
Ball Corporation Valve -- V-25058N
Machine inserted corporation stops were developed by Hieronymus Mueller in conjunction with his development of the drilling and tapping machine used to make pressure taps in water mains. During the...
Insulated Ball Valve -- N-30283N
Insulated Ball Valve -- N-35163N
Insulated Ball Valve -- N-35166N
Insulated Ball Valve -- N-35172N
Insulated Ball Valve -- N-35204N
Insulated Ball Valve -- N-35209N
Insulated Ball Valve -- N-35351N
Insulated Ball Valve -- P-35172N
Insulated Ball Valve -- P-35209N
Insulated Corporation Ball Valve -- N-30045N
Insulated Corporation Ball Valve -- N-30046N
Insulated Corporation Ball Valve -- N-35000N
Insulated Corporation Ball Valve -- N-35008N
Insulated Corporation Ball Valve -- N-35025N
Insulated Corporation Ball Valve -- N-35028N
Insulated Corporation Ball Valve -- P-35008N
Insulated Corporation Ball Valve -- P-35028N
MUELLER Insulated Products are the simple, cost effective and reliable way to help address the problems associated with stray electrical currents on metallic water piping - either in new installations,...
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24264N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24273N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24278N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24279N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24358N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24359N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24360N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24378N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- E-24279N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- P-24273N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- P-24359N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- V-25103N
MUELLER Valves and Couplings are manufactured and tested in accordance with ANSI/AWWA C800. Components in contact with potable water will also comply with latest requirements of the Federal Safe Drinking...
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24255N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24258N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24259N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24265N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24266N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24267N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24274N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24276N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24277N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24286N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- B-24371N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- E-24259N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- P-24258N
Ball Angle Meter Valve -- P-24276N
Ball Angle Service Valve -- B-24275N
Ball Angle Service Valve -- B-24285N
Ball Angle Service Valve -- B-24287N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- B-24331N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- B-24334N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- B-24335N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- B-24337N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- B-24350N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- B-24351N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- B-24352N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- B-24353N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- B-24363N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- B-24371RN
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- B-24394N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- E-24353N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- P-24335N
Ball Straight Meter Valve -- P-24350N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- B-20200N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- B-20211N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- B-20242N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- B-20245N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- B-25130N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- B-25143N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- B-25146N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- B-25166N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- B-25168N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- B-25170N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- B-25196N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- E-25196N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- P-25146N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- P-25170N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- V-25108N
Ball Straight Service Valve -- V-25236N
Preferred Source for Water Distribution Products for more than 150 years... Since 1857, the Mueller name has been known for innovative Water Distribution Products of superior quality. We are North...
MUELLER 300 Ball Angle Meter Valve The MUELLER 300 Ball Angle Meter Valve is an optimized design combining a strong, reliable ball/ stem connection with other desirable features, including a blow-out-proof stem, double O-rings and a...
Ball Curb Valve -- B-20276N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-20283N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-20284N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-20285N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-20287N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25122N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25124N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25132N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25152N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25153N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25154N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25155N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25163N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25171N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25172N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25174N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25204N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25209N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25210N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25211N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25218N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25219N
Ball Curb Valve -- B-25222N
Ball Curb Valve -- E-25142N
Ball Curb Valve -- E-25171N
Ball Curb Valve -- E-25211N
Ball Curb Valve -- P-25122N
Ball Curb Valve -- P-25155N
Ball Curb Valve -- P-25172N
Ball Curb Valve -- P-25209N
Ball Curb Valve -- V-25100N
Ball Curb Valve -- V-25101N
Ball Curb Valve -- V-25109N
Ball Curb Valve -- V-25226N
Ball Curb Valve -- V-25226N
MUELLER 300 Ball Meter Valve
The MUELLER 300 Ball Valve is an optimized design combining a strong, reliable ball/stem connection with other desired features, including a blow-out-proof stem, double O-rings and a 300 psig working...
Corporation Valve -- H-15013N
Corporation Valve -- H-15014N
Corporation Valve -- H-15015N
Corporation Valve -- H-15023N
Corporation Valve -- H-9968N
Corporation Valve -- H-9969N
Corporation Valve -- P-15013N
Corporation Valve -- P-15023N
The MUELLER ORI-CORP® Corporation Valve is an easy turning, O-ring sealed, balanced pressure, plug type valve having a round, full open unobstructed flow way. These valves also feature a heavy...
Curb Valve -- E-15211N
Curb Valve -- H-10283N
Curb Valve -- H-10284N
Curb Valve -- H-10287N
Curb Valve -- H-10288N
Curb Valve -- H-15124N
Curb Valve -- H-15127N
Curb Valve -- H-15128N
Curb Valve -- H-15154N
Curb Valve -- H-15155N
Curb Valve -- H-15156N
Curb Valve -- H-15158N
Curb Valve -- H-15159N
Curb Valve -- H-15164N
Curb Valve -- H-15165N
Curb Valve -- H-15171N
Curb Valve -- H-15172N
Curb Valve -- H-15174N
Curb Valve -- H-15182N
Curb Valve -- H-15184N
Curb Valve -- H-15191N
Curb Valve -- H-15192N
Curb Valve -- H-15204N
Curb Valve -- H-15209N
Curb Valve -- H-15211N
Curb Valve -- H-15213N
Curb Valve -- H-15214N
Curb Valve -- H-15215N
Curb Valve -- H-15219N
Curb Valve -- P-15155N
Curb Valve -- P-15172N
Curb Valve -- P-15209N
Curb Valve -- P-15219N
The MUELLER® MARK II ORISEAL® Curb Valve has a sturdy one-piece, closed-bottom body that differs from other designs by reducing the number of potential leakage points. The closed bottom design...