SKS Science Products Datasheets for Swabs and Cleaning Sticks

Swabs and cleaning sticks consist of a small wad of nonwoven, cotton, microfiber or foam wrapped around either one or both ends of a short wood, paper, or plastic rod or tube for use in medical, fiber optic, laboratory, electronic and other critical cleaning applications.
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Product Name Notes
Disposable Enviro Swabs -- 3940-85
Disposable Enviro Swabs -- 3941-25
Disposable Enviro Swabs -- 3941-45
Disposable Enviro Swabs -- 3941-85
Disposable Enviro Swabs -- 3942-25
The disposable Enviro Swabs are precision molded from superior grade open cell polyurethane 100 ppi foam, consistently demonstrating low particulation and chemical cleanliness. They are non-silicone formulated, hot-wire cut and...