Monroe Engineering Datasheets for Leveling Feet, Pads, and Glides

Leveling feet, pads and glides consist of discs of varying shapes and sizes. They are used for leveling jigs, fixtures, and equipment. A leveling foot has a threaded stud for adjusting the level. A leveling pad has a recess on which a leveling stud rests.
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Product Name Notes
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- TP-1000
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- TP-250
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- TP-312
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- TP-375
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- TP-500
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- TP-625
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- TP-750
Monroe toggle pads provide a solid clamping of uneven, irregular, and/or angled surfaces. Monroe toggle pads are self-aligning and self-leveling toggle pads. Our 10 degree angle of movement allows the...
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- NSS-190
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- NSS-250
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- NSS-312
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- NSS-375
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- NSS-500
Swivel and Toggle Pad -- NSS-625
Black Oxide Finish on Steel Toggle Pad Stops Movement Upon Contact with Work surface Allows Extreme Pressure to be Applied by the Stud Alternate finishes available upon request
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1200
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1205
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1210
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1215
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1220
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1225
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1230
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1235
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1240
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1245
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1250
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1255
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1260
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1265
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1270
Steel Low Profile Mount -- LPS-1275
Designed for Medium & Heavy Duty Applications Zinc Plated Steel Available in Stainless Dampening Pads Available upon Request Also available in metric
Steel Leveling Mount -- LPS-1000
Steel Leveling Mount -- LPS-190
Steel Leveling Mount -- LPS-250
Steel Leveling Mount -- LPS-375
Steel Leveling Mount -- LPS-500
Steel Leveling Mount -- LPS-625
Steel Leveling Mount -- LPS-750
Steel Non-Skid Leveling Mount -- LPS-1100
Steel Non-Skid Leveling Mount -- LPS-1105
Steel Non-Skid Leveling Mount -- LPS-1110
Steel Non-Skid Leveling Mount -- LPS-1115
Steel Non-Skid Leveling Mount -- LPS-1120
Steel Non-Skid Leveling Mount -- LPS-1125
Steel Non-Skid Leveling Mount -- LPS-1130
Mount Swivels 10° in All Directions Plated Yellow Zinc Dichromate Special sizes Available Upon Request Also available in metric
Steel HD w/ Vibration Pad -- LPS-1140
Steel HD w/ Vibration Pad -- LPS-1150
Steel HD w/ Vibration Pad -- LPS-1160
Steel HD w/ Vibration Pad -- LPS-1170
Steel HD w/ Vibration Pad -- LPS-1180
Reduces Transmitted Vibration up to 98% Suitable for High Precision and Computerized Machinery Plated Yellow Zinc Dichromate Available in Stainless Light and Medium Duty Styles Available Special Sizes Available Upon...