Custom Sensors, Inc. Datasheets for Computer Cables

Computer cables are used to connect monitors, keyboards, printers, hard drives, and other peripherals to computers.
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Product Name Notes
Model: 2L-1001P 1.8m 2L-1003P 3.0m 2L-1005P 5.0m 2L-1010P 10.0m 2L-1020P 20.0m KVM Switch Cable
Model: 2L-1001P/C 1.8m 2L-1003P/C 3.0m 2L-1005P/C 5.0m 2L-1006P/C 6.0m Master View KVM Cable
Model: 2L-1601P 1.8m 2L-1603P 3.0m KVM Switch Cable
Model: 2L-1701P 1.8m 2L-1703P 3.0m KVM CPU Switch Cable
Model: 2L-5001P/C 1.2m 2L-5002P/C 1.8m 2L-5003P/C 3.0m 2L-5005P/C 5.0m KVM PS/2 Cable
Model: 2L-5002U 1.8m 2L-5003U 3.0m KVM Cable for USB KVM Switch PC Cable
Model: 2L-5201P 1.2m 2L-5202P 1.8m 2L-5203P 3.0m 2L-5206P 6.0m KVM PS/2 Cable
Model:2L-520AS 22cm KVM PS/2 Cable for CS-72A/74A