Clinton Electronics Corporation Datasheets for Wire, Cable, and Connector Tools

Wire, cable and connector tools are used to assemble and install wires, cables and connectors.
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Product Name Notes
CE-CONRG59 Designed to work with CE-CONPLI and CE-COSTR, Simple one piece compression connector, 360° compression for superior contact and strength, Nickel plated, Weatherproof Seal, Quick and easy to install, Sold in...
CE-COSTR Designed to work with CE-CONRG59 and CE-CONPLI, Fast, easy and accurate way to strip coax cable, Leaves 1/4" electrode and 1/4" exposed dielectric in one rotation around cable, Affordable price...
CE-CONPLI Designed to work with CE-CONRG59 and CE-COSTR, Fast, easy and accurate compression, Adjustable for throw and compression, Built to last, Affordable price