Can-Do National Tape Datasheets for Hook and Loop Fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners consist of two layers of fabric.  The hook layer is covered with tiny hooks and the loop layer is covered with tiny loops.  Hook and loop fasteners are commonly known as Velcro®.  Velcro is a registered trademark of Velcro Ind.
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Product Name Notes
3M™ Loop Fastener SJ3401 Secure Alternative to Zippers, Screws, Snaps 3M SJ3401 Loop Fastener is one part of a two part fastener solution designed for great durability and convenient attachment.
White Fastener, Hook and Loop 3M™ Fastener MP3526N/MP3527N Hook and Loop S001 White, 1 in x 5 yd, 0.15 in Engaged Thickness 3Mª Hook and Loop Fastener MP3526N/MP3527N consists of...