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Laminating is the process of joining two or more materials together in layers to create a single composite material.  Follows is a small sampling of our abilities.
We can:

  • Layer foam strip tape, adhesive, and release paper to create adhesive single- or double-sided foam tape.
  • Laminate foils with high temperature adhesive and polyester fabrics.
  • Laminate foams, both open and closed cell, with double sided polyester and transfer adhesives.

The possibilities are virtually endless.

Can-Do National Tape
 possesses several laminators which can laminate substrates up to 62 inches wide using either or both the hot and/or the cold roll laminating process.  We also are able to economically laminate materials less than 62 inches wide using a variety of rotary presses with heated rollers.
We employ nip roll gapping to incorporate heat into the laminating process. The nip roll allows for the lamination of products of different thicknesses. This state-of-the-art heating system ensures a consistent bond across the web.
Additionally, Can-Do possesses two and three roll rewind stations and take-up stands. When coupled with a programmed counter, the correct yardage is put-up on each roll.
Laminating Services Include:

  • Coating for film, foil, foam, cloth and paper
  • Multiple layer laminating of material, adhesive and release liners
  • Low tack, temporary adhesives and cohesive coatings
  • Permanent pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Cohesive coatings to woven and non-woven textiles

Capabilities Include:

  • Multiple coating widths
  • Multiple web thicknesses
  • Multiple adhesive viscosities
  • Multiple web widths up to 62 inches
  • Roll Handling

Can-Do is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.  Because of this, we are qualified to sell a variety of laminated foams, foils, and felts to Tier 1 automotive suppliers. These precision die-cut products are typically used in the manufacture of component parts for automobiles.
When Can-Do's laminating capabilities are combined with our precision die-cut services and adhesive application knowledge, we serve as a one-stop solution for adhesive application problems, such as we did for the following customers.

Company Information
Can-Do National Tape possesses several laminators which can laminate substrates up to 62 inches wide using either or both the hot and/or the cold roll laminating process.
ISO 9001:2008
Foams; Foild; Adhesives; Release Paper; Polyester Fabrics
Production Low Volume; Production - High Volume

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