Intertape Polymer Group, Inc. Datasheets for Specialty Fibers, Fabrics, and Textiles

Specialty fibers, fabrics and textiles are based upon a unique composition, weave, or technology, and are designed for specialized applications.
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Product Name Notes
A heavyweight fabric incorporating a special weave pattern to enhance thickness, flatness, and tear properties. This product has a two sides laminated non-woven geotextile to reduce slip risks in dry...
Brattice PE10X5 - FR7A - 4.45 oz (1.9 Mil) 4R
Brattice PE10X5 - FR7B - 4.3 oz (1.75 Mil) 4S
Brattice PE12X12 - FR212(12)A - 6.1 oz (2.25 Mil) 4P
Brattice PE12X9 - FR93A - 5.5 oz. (2.1 Mil) 4Q
Brattice PE5X5 - FR55 - 47 gsm - (1.6 MIL) - 9S
Directly applied to agricultural products such as hay or cotton, Novathene® fabrics are UV stabilized for year round and repeated seasonal protection from rain and sunlight. Novathene fabrics are available...
IPG is a major supplier to the North American lumber industry for over 25 years. With our lumber wraps you can be sure that your product will arrive completely protected.
Owners of pre-engineered metal building appreciate that performance of IPGType 9300 and Type 9700B vapor barriers provide. These features include a) a bright, white finish to improve interior lighting, b)...
PE 8X5 - RB87W - 3.5 oz (1.2 Mil) - 7J
PE 8X5 - RB87W - 3.7 oz (1.5 Mil) - 7J
PE10X10 Black - RB10-6AK - 6.7 oz - (2.0 Mil) 6Q
PE10X10 Black - RB10-6AK - 7.3 oz - (2.5 Mil) 6Q
PE10X7 - RB10W - 4.4 oz - (1.5 Mil) 6R
PE10X7 - RB10WAK - 4.4 oz - (1.5 Mil) 6S
PE10X7 - RB8Wsak - 4.1 oz - (1.5 Mil) - 7N
PE12X9 Black RB212W - 4.8 oz - (1.5 Mil) 6Z
Poultry House Fabric
Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing
Scaffold Hoarding
Whatever is being packaged, from motorcycles to geo-membranes, Novathene® fabrics offer superior abrasion resistance and exceptional tear strength. Novathene fabrics are designed to withstand conditions associated with transportation, active, repetitive,...
When natural disasters (hurricanes, flood, earthquakes and tsunamis) strike anywhere in the world there is often an immediate need to provide shelter for displaced citizens. Governmental and non-governmental agencies provide...