Intertape Polymer Group, Inc. Datasheets for Roofing Materials

Roofing materials come in many forms. For example, sheet metal, asphalt and tiles are common materials depending on the climate there are best suited for.
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Product Name Notes
Roof Underlayment -- NovaSeal AP NovaSeal® AP roofing underlayment features a unique walking surface grips tools and equipment better than the leading brands. It is 6x lighter and 17x stronger than organic oil saturated felts.
Roof Underlayment -- NovaSeal Premium NovaSeal® Premium is a superior two-side coated roofing underlayment featuring a patented, textured anti-slip surface. It is 5x lighter and 20x stronger than organic oil saturated felts. 40-year limited warranty,...
Roof Underlayment -- Umbra Umbra™ is a value roofing underlayment designed to replace #15 roofing felt and unrated oil saturated felts. It is 8x lighter and 12x stronger than organic oil saturated felts. 10-year...