Morgan Advanced Materials Datasheets for Industrial Fabrics

Industrial fabrics consist of woven or non-woven cloth made from natural or synthetic materials.
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Product Name Notes
FireMaster Cable Tray Blanket Developed for protecting instrument and control cable trays in petrochemical plants, FireMaster® Cable Tray Wrap provides advanced fire protection capabilities FireMaster® Cable Tray Wrap is a fully encapsulated flexible wrap...
FireMaster Alu Faced Blanket
FireMaster Blanket
FireMaster Marine Blanket
FireMaster Marine Plus
FireMaster Pyroscat Duct Wrap XL Blanket
FireMaster Water Repellant Blanket
FireMaster® Blanket is a range of advanced fire protection materials. The low weight and non-combustibility make it suitable for many applications across a wide range of industries. The Morgan Thermal...
FireMaster DryerWrap Blanket
FireMaster FastDoor XL Blanket
FireMaster FastWrap XL Blanket
FireMaster PlenumWrap+ Blanket
FireMaster® FastWrap® is an advanced duct wrap which provides excellent fire protection properties, is thin, lightweight and foil encapsulated for fast, easy installation. Whatever your application FastWrap® duct insulation provides...
Refractory Ceramic Fibre Blanket Morgan Thermal Ceramics fibre blanket products are available in a wide range of chemistries, densities and thicknesses. Morgan Thermal Ceramics offers a wide range of fibre blanket products in a...
Superwool ® Fibre Blankets Our Superwool® Fibre blankets offer an alternative to traditional solutions due to its high refractoriness and excellent non-wetting characteristics with molten Aluminum. They also provide stability and resistance to chemical...
Superwool ® Fibre Modules The Pyro-Fold™ modules are an accordion folded blanket, whereas the Pyro-Stack™ is a folded module with the blanket cut and stacked edge-grain rather than continuously folded. These modules offer an...