Liquid Controls Group; a Unit of IDEX Corporation Datasheets for Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive displacement pumps use a mechanical force such as gears, bladders, pistons, plungers or diaphragms to push liquid through and out of the pump.
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Product Name Notes
PZ-Series Coro-Vane® Petroleum Pump -- PZ10
PZ-Series Coro-Vane® Petroleum Pump -- PZ7
Features and Benefits¢Bundled Packages Available: Includes a Corken pump and Liquid Controls meter and register for assured system compatibility. ¢Flange to Flange œBolt-In Replacement for Other Truck...
Petroleum Pump -- PS/PT30 For quick deliveries of large flow transport applications, the PT30 is designed for fast loading and unloading applications required by bulk delivery companies. Bulk deliveries include aviation fuels, gasoline, diesel,...
Petroleum Pump -- PS/PT20 The model PT20 petroleum pump is ideal for "lube oil" deliveries that require flow rates. Applications include deliveries to service centers such as auto dealerships and quick lube companies.
Petroleum Pump -- PS/PT25 The model PT25 petroleum pump is suited for gasoline, fuel oil, and other delivery vehicles. The flow rates are perfect for delivering home heating fuel and gasoline and diesel to...
Z Series Sliding Vane Pump -- Z2000
Z Series Sliding Vane Pump -- Z3200
Z Series Sliding Vane Pump -- Z4200
The Z-Series Coro-VaneĀ® truck pumps are specifically designed to perform in such severe operating conditions as high differential pressure, pump overspeeding, poor suction conditions and heavy thrust loads associated with...