HAWE North America Inc. Datasheets for Positive Displacement Pumps

Positive displacement pumps use a mechanical force such as gears, bladders, pistons, plungers or diaphragms to push liquid through and out of the pump.
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Product Name Notes
Axial Piston Pump -- V30D-045
Axial Piston Pump -- V30D-075
Axial Piston Pump -- V30D-095
Axial Piston Pump -- V30D-115
Axial Piston Pump -- V30D-140
Axial Piston Pump -- V30D-160
Axial Piston Pump -- V30D-250
Axial Piston Pump -- V30E-095
Axial Piston Pump -- V30E-160
Axial Piston Pump -- V30E-270
The InLine variable displacement pump type V30D and V30E work according to the swash plate principle and are intended for open circuit operationin industrial and mobile hydraulics. There is also...
Axial Piston Pump -- V60N -060
Axial Piston Pump -- V60N-090
Axial Piston Pump -- V60N-110
The InLine variable displacement pump type V60N works according to the swash plateprinciple usually driven via the ancillary drive. It is intended for open circuit operationin mobile hydraulics. In optional...
Radial Piston Pump -- Model 6010
Radial Piston Pump -- Model 6011
Radial Piston Pump -- Model 6012
Radial Piston Pump -- Model 6014
Radial Piston Pump -- Model 6016
Radial Piston Pump -- Model 7631
The radial piston pumps consist of radially arranged, valve controlled pump cylinders. Higher delivery flows can be created by stacking of up to6 radials on a common shaft. The pump...