Leister USA Datasheets for Laser Processing Equipment

Laser processing equipment uses high-powered lasers to cut, trim, perforate, weld, or join a variety of materials in plate or sheet form.
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Product Name Notes
Laser Welding Optic -- Scanner Optic •Quasi-simultaneous or contour scanning •Laser beam focused to a spot•Great flexibility•Gap filling possible•High speed and high accuracy•Suitable for small series and mass productio
Laser Welding System -- Novolas Basic AT A simple and cost-effective model. NOVOLAS™ BASIC AT allows for integration into a manufacturing system with its own process control. The laser beam is routed directly via the module or...
Laser Welding System -- Novolas Basic AT Compact Basic AT Compact is an air-cooled and thus especially compact laser system. It is designed for integration into production lines and manufacturing cells. The 19�-housing of a depth of 500...
Laser Welding Optic -- Radial Optics Optional components for WS and BASIC AT•For rotationally symmetrical components•Multiple diameters available•Laser safety can be integrated into optical head
Laser Welding Optic -- GLOBO Head Optional components for WS and BASIC AT•Integrated optical and clamping system•Glass sphere on air bearing•Pneumatic clamping device•Adjustable welding seam width
Laser Welding Optic -- Line Laser LineBeam AT Optional components for WS and BASIC AT•Line lengths 20 - 100 mm•Laser power up to 600 W•Very homogeneous energy density distribution due to special optics•Line lasers are equipped with their...
Laser Welding Optic -- Roller Optics Optional components for WS and BASIC AT•Local pneumatic pressure without additional clamping device•Constant pressure distribution by swinging roller•Different models•Line width ranging from 3 - 30 mm
Laser Welding Optic -- Ring Optics Optional components for WS and BASIC AT•Nearly any ring diameter•Welding seam width is selectable•Homogeneous energy distribution
Laser Welding Optic -- Spot Optic With Pyrometer Optional components for WS and BASIC AT•Process monitoring and control•Measuring frequency 1 kHz•Temperature range 100° to 400 °C•Modular evaluation software
Laser Welding System -- Novolas WS Turnkey system including optimized welding process Intuitive user interface with programming tools Very high throughput possible with the appropriate upgrade Modular design suited for customization An all-modular, all-purpose system: the...