Leister USA Datasheets for Laser Processing Equipment

Laser processing equipment uses high-powered lasers to cut, trim, perforate, weld, or join a variety of materials in plate or sheet form.
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Product Name Notes
•Quasi-simultaneous or contour scanning •Laser beam focused to a spot•Great flexibility•Gap filling possible•High speed and high accuracy•Suitable for small series and mass productio
A simple and cost-effective model. NOVOLAS™ BASIC AT allows for integration into a manufacturing system with its own process control. The laser beam is routed directly via the module or...
Basic AT Compact is an air-cooled and thus especially compact laser system. It is designed for integration into production lines and manufacturing cells. The 19�-housing of a depth of 500...
Optional components for WS and BASIC AT•For rotationally symmetrical components•Multiple diameters available•Laser safety can be integrated into optical head
Optional components for WS and BASIC AT•Integrated optical and clamping system•Glass sphere on air bearing•Pneumatic clamping device•Adjustable welding seam width
Optional components for WS and BASIC AT•Line lengths 20 - 100 mm•Laser power up to 600 W•Very homogeneous energy density distribution due to special optics•Line lasers are equipped with their...
Optional components for WS and BASIC AT•Local pneumatic pressure without additional clamping device•Constant pressure distribution by swinging roller•Different models•Line width ranging from 3 - 30 mm
Optional components for WS and BASIC AT•Nearly any ring diameter•Welding seam width is selectable•Homogeneo us energy distribution
Optional components for WS and BASIC AT•Process monitoring and control•Measuring frequency 1 kHz•Temperature range 100° to 400 °C•Modular evaluation software
Turnkey system including optimized welding process Intuitive user interface with programming tools Very high throughput possible with the appropriate upgrade Modular design suited for customization An all-modular, all-purpose system: the...