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Leister USA Datasheets for Welding Accessories

Welding accessories includes products used in, or related to, processes such as MIG, TIG and resistance welding.
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Product Name Notes
A simple, safe and fault-free way to test the leak tightness of overlap weld seams with test channel.
Leister offers the suitable nozzle for every application
Plastic Welding Rods
Tool rest for WELDPLAST and FUSION
Tool rest for WELDPLAST S2
Tungsten carbide tipped blade
Used in conjunction with the Vacuum Bell or Vacuum Box to test the leak tightness of overlap weld seams. For construction-site testing at civil engineering applications.
Welding shoes for every application.
High quality (ball bearing, silicone roller,wooden handle) Durability -- silicone roller distance in the testof over 65,000 m (40 miles) Improved ergonomics, suitable for both left andright handed operators Newly...