Leister USA Datasheets for Web Tension Sensors

Web tension sensors are used to measure static or running tension in webs or sheets during the manufacture of textiles, paper, and other sheet materials.
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Product Name Notes
Manometer The reliable and handy air pressure test manometer from Leister is the perfect solution for testing the integrity of dual track seams with test channel. It is suitable on construction...
Tensiometer -- EXAMO 300 F
Tensiometer -- EXAMO 300 F (230 V)
Tensiometer -- EXAMO 300 F USB (230 V)
Tensiometer -- EXAMO 600 F
Tensiometer -- EXAMO 600 F (230 V)
Tensiometer -- EXAMO 600 F USB (230 V)
Designed for construction site conditions Handy, robust and light Digital display of elongation, peak force, tear force, test speed and position With optional data recording on a memory card Optionally...