Takex America, Inc. Datasheets for Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

Ultrasonic proximity sensors use reflected or transmitted ultrasonic waves to detect the presence or absence of a target component.
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Product Name Notes
US Edge Tracking Sensor -- US-U30AN Description Edge detecting Ultrasonic U shaped sensor - 1 to 5VDC analog output. Typical application would be edge tracking of polymer, paper, or web; such that center point (1/2 output...
Ultrasonic Sensor -- US-R25
Ultrasonic Sensor -- US-R25PN
Ultrasonic Sensor -- US-T50
Ultrasonic Sensor -- US-T50PN
Description Ultrasonic relay output device, detects objects regardless of material color or transparency; which present challenges for some Photo Electric devices. A good selection for glass (and many other transparent...