MSA Safety Datasheets for Welding Accessories

Welding accessories includes products used in, or related to, processes such as MIG, TIG and resistance welding.
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Product Name Notes
Standard Adapter for Welding Helmets -- 488525 Allows welding shells or sparkgards with visor to be quickly attached and detached from the V-Gard cap.
Skullgard with Lugs -- 482002 Features heavy-duty construction for use as head protection in steel mills and other heavy industries where elevated temperatures are common.
Welder's Adapter for Ultra Elite Facepiece -- 806482
Welder's Adapter for Ultravue & Ultra Twin Facepieces -- 472859
Welder's Adapter for Ultravue Facepiece -- 470786
For eye protection in welding applications where respiratory protection is required, a welder's adapter can be easily installed over an Ultravue facepiece lens. The clip-on style adapter can be easily...
Passive lens,welding,SH10,Elite -- 10177646
Welding Shield, Classic Series, Passive -- 10177021
Welding Shield, Digital Elite, Passive S -- 10177019
MSA and Miller welding helmets and hard hat adapters are designed specifically for use with many MSA hard hats. A top level of protection to help prevent eye injury and...
Polycarbonate Plate 2 x 4.25 Clear -- 791933
Polycarbonate Plate 2 x 4.25 Shade 10 -- 791928
Polycarbonate Plate 2 x 4.25 Shade 12 -- 791930
Polycarbonate Plate 2 x 4.25 Shade 5 -- 791923
Polycarbonate Plate 4.5 x 5.25 Clear -- 696095
Polycarbonate Plate 4.5 x 5.25 Shade 12 -- 38277
MSA's thermal plastic welding shields are designed to protect a worker's eyes and face from infrared burns, flying sparks, hot metal spatter and chips encountered in welding operations. The nylon...