Advanced Power Solutions Datasheets for DC Power Supplies

DC power supplies accept an input power and output the desired form of DC power. Common types of DC power supplies include linear power supplies, switching power supplies, DC-DC converters, and silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) type power supplies.
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Product Name Notes
Encapsulated Power Supplies -- APS05AM
Encapsulated Power Supplies -- APS10AM
Encapsulated Power Supplies -- APS10AS
Encapsulated Power Supplies -- APS15AM
Encapsulated Power Supplies -- APS16AM
Encapsulated Power Supplies -- APS50AD/T
Encapsulated Power Supplies -- APS50AS
Fuly enclosed and encapsulated switching power supplies for indutrial applications. All supplies listed offer Convection cooled operation and spark-proof operation with International Safety Approvals. Click Image to Enlarge SeriesPower #...
Open Frame Switchers -- APS-S060
Open Frame Switchers -- APS06VI
Open Frame Switchers -- APS13VI
Open Frame Switchers -- APS14VI
Open Frame Switchers -- APS20VI
Open Frame Switchers -- APS38VI
Open Frame Switchers -- APS41VI
Open Frame Switchers -- APS63VI
Open Frame Switchers -- APS93VP
Open Frame Switching Power Supplies for industrial, commercial, and medical applications, offered in Open Frame PCB Construction. Please consult APS for custom voltage setpoints and other modifications. All products are...
U-Frame & Covered Switchers -- APS200
U-Frame & Covered Switchers -- APS250Rx
U-Frame & Covered Switchers -- APS300/APS302Rx
U-Frame & Covered Switchers -- APS301Rx
U-Frame & Covered Switchers -- APS303Rx
U-Frame & Covered Switchers -- APS400Rx
U-Frame & Covered Switchers -- APS401Rx
U-Frame & Covered Switchers -- APS403Rx
U-Frame & Covered Switchers -- APS500Rx
U-Frame & Covered Switchers -- APS600Rx-N
U-Frame & Covered Switchers -- APS800800W
Switching power supplies for industrial, commercial, and medical grade applications, offered in U-Frame enclosures. These models offer cover, fan and connector options (see datasheet for details). All products are approved...
Medical ATX Power Supplies -- MPM-815H
Medical ATX Power Supplies -- MPM-842
Medical ATX Power Supplies -- MPM-A30H
Medical Power Supplies -- APS100MI
Medical Power Supplies -- APS151MP
Medical Power Supplies -- APS300Mx
Medical Power Supplies -- APS400M
Medical Power Supplies -- APS43MI
Medical Power Supplies -- APS50MIG
Medical Power Supplies -- APS63MI
Switching power supplies for Medical & Healthcare Applications. All supplies listed here are safety approved to UL / EN / IEC 60601-1 Standards. Please consult APS for unique voltage set-points...
DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies -- APS100PD
DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies -- APS125ID
DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies -- APS60ID
DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies -- APS65ID
DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies -- RP1024
DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies -- RP1045
DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies -- RP1072
DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies -- RP1120
DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies -- RP1200
DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies -- RP1240
DIN Rail Mount Power Supplies -- RP1500
Switching power supplies for powering office and industrial applications and mounting to industry standard DIN Rails. Click Image to Enlarge Series Power Vout Dimensions (Inches)Download RP102424W5 / 12 / 24...