Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd. Datasheets for Laboratory Ovens

Laboratory ovens are thermal convection appliances for use in laboratory, scientific, and industrial settings. Uniform heat distribution is often achieved by internal blowers which heat, dry, and cure substrates.

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Product Name Notes
Lab Air Drying Oven -- HD-E804-1 Lab Air Drying oven is suitable for the material and product hot solidification and dry de-watering in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, farming, side-product, aquatic product, light industries, heavy industries and...
Lab Air Dry Oven -- HD-E804
Lab Air Dry Oven -- HD-E804-2
Lab Air Dry Test Chamber -- HD-E804-3
Lab Air Drying Test Instrument -- HD-E804-3S
Lab Hot Air Dry Oven -- HD-E804-2s
Drying Oven are used to dry, bake and preheat various materials or specimen. By means of hot air circulation method to uniform the temperature distribution.