Restek Datasheets for Vials

Vials are small glass bottles used for storage.
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Product Name Notes
Certified Autosampler Vial Kits Certified Vials, 2.0 mL Screw-Thread Vials Certificates enclosed with each kit. Vials of clear or amber borosilicate glass, with ID marking spots. Closures with pre-inserted septa. Each kit sealed for...
1.0 mL WISP 96 Style -- 8 x 40 mm Shell Vials Available in 3 styles. 8mm Starburst Plugs sold separately.
2.0 mL Big Mouth Step Vial Kits w/Black Caps Caps attached to vials.
Interlock Vials Interlock limited volume vials offer the performance and convenience of a one piece microvial for a fraction of the cost. A 300 μL insert is fused into a 12 x...
Thomson Single Step™ Filter Vials Save time and reduce waste—these eco-friendly vials replace syringe filtration and eliminate the need for separate vials, caps, syringes, and filters. Remove contaminants and particulates from your HPLC samples with...
Headspace Crimp Vials Vial to instrument compatibility are designated in instrument reference chart.
2.0 mL Crimp-Top Vials White graduated marking spots are a standard feature unless otherwise noted.
2.0 mL Crimp Vial Convenience Kits White graduated marking spots are a standard feature unless otherwise noted. Vials packaged in a clear-lid tray. Caps with septa packaged in a plastic bag.
4.0 mL WISP 48 Screw-Thread Step Vials catalog # color units 24654 Clear 100-pk. 24655 Clear 1000-pk. 24656 Amber 100-pk. 24657 Amber 1000-pk.
1.5 mL Versa Vials™, Polypropylene, 12 x 32 mm catalog # units 22705 100-pk. 22706 1000-pk.
4.0 mL WISP 48 Crimp-Top Vial catalog # units 24658 100-pk. 24659 1000-pk.
Headspace Screw-Thread Vials catalog # volume color size units 23082 20mL Clear 22 x 75mm 100-pk. 23083 20mL Clear 22 x 75mm 1,000-pk. 23086 20mL Amber 22 x 75mm 100-pk. 23087 20mL Amber...
2.0 mL Big Mouth Step Screw-Thread Vials 40% larger opening than other vials. Step profile automatically centers glass flange limited volume inserts. Preassembled caps with septa, with or without vials. Designed for Waters Alliance® autosamplers.
Precleaned Volatile Organic Analyte (VOA) -- Sampling Vials Container, liner, and closure cleaned and assembled. Clear or amber. Open top caps. PTFE faced 0.125″ silicone septa. Each case lot numbered.
2.0 mL, 9 mm Short-Cap -- Screw-Thread Vials Fit all 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm, crimp-top vial based autosamplers. Shorter screw cap allows the robotic autosampler to function properly. Wider opening prevents syringe problems. Dimensions are effectively...
2.0 mL, 8 mm Screw-Thread Vials Fit all 2.0 mL, 12 x 32 mm, screw-thread 8 mm/425 vial-based autosamplers. Vaporization is minimized over shorter vials. For an instrument reference chart for 2.0 mL, 8 mm Screw-Thread...
2.0 mL Versa Vials™, Glass, 12 x 32 mm Increased neck length for accommodating fluctuations in robotic arm settings. Eliminate cracked necks, breakage, and dangerous sharp edges, using soft Versa Vial PTFE/silicone plugs. Largest target area available, ideal for...
2.0 mL Crimp-Top Vial with 100 µL Insert Plastic vial. Choice of glass or polypropylene insert.
2.0 mL, 8 mm Screw-Thread Vials with 100 µL Insert Plastic vials. Choice of glass or polypropylene insert.
Micro-Vials with Screw Threads Two sizes available. Tapered for high recovery of contents. Work with Mininert® sampling valves.