Avel Lindberg, Inc. Datasheets for DC-DC Converters

DC-DC converters accept DC input and provide regulated and/or isolated DC output in various applications including computer flash memory, telecommunications equipment, and process control systems.
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Product Name Notes
LC Series -- LC100/12/12
LC Series -- LC100/12/12F
LC Series -- LC100/12/24
LC Series -- LC100/12/24F
LC Series -- LC100/24/12
LC Series -- LC100/24/24
LC Series -- LC200/12/12
LC Series -- LC80/24/12
LC Series -- LC80/48/12
LC Series -- LC80/48/24
Isolated from input to output and to the case. Cost effective. Aluminum enclosure. Constructed to a high standard to tolerate adverse environmental conditions. Durable for vehicular applications. Supports battery supply...
TR Series -- TR100/12/24
TR Series -- TR100/24/12
TR Series -- TR200/24/12
TR Series -- TR300/24/12
Non-isolated. Cost effective. Epoxy filled Aluminum case. Extremely rugged and well suited for marine and other demanding environments. High tolerance for shock and vibration. Continuous current ratings. Supports battery supply...
XR Series -- XR100/24/12
XR Series -- XR200/24/12
XR Series -- XR300/24/12
Non-isolated. Economical. Aluminum enclosure (non-filled). Durable for vehicular applications. Ideal for typical mobile environments. Continuous current ratings. Supports battery supply variations. Remote low-power switch-can also be wired for direct connection.
HC Series -- HC100/110/12
HC Series -- HC100/110/24
HC Series -- HC100/110/48
HC Series -- HC100/24/12
HC Series -- HC100/24/24
HC Series -- HC100/24/48
HC Series -- HC100/48/12
HC Series -- HC100/48/24
HC Series -- HC250/110/12
HC Series -- HC250/110/24
HC Series -- HC250/110/48
HC Series -- HC250/24/12
HC Series -- HC250/24/24
HC Series -- HC250/24/48
HC Series -- HC250/48/12
HC Series -- HC250/48/24
HC Series -- HC350/12/24
HC Series -- HC350/12/48
HC Series -- HC350/24/12
HC Series -- HC350/24/24
HC Series -- HC350/24/48
HC Series -- HC350/48/24
Wide input range. Continuous current ratings. Fully isolated, input-to-output and to chassis. Resin filled (except HC350/24/12, which is fan-cooled) Supports battery supply variations. Extremely rugged and well suited for marine...